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About DOMBI Ferenc, the scribe of "The Voice"-volumes

A Catholic priest's dialogue with heavenly beings

Jézus tanításai a Han g kötetekben Uncle DOMBI Feri, scribe of the first 43 volumes of The Voice, was born in a village called Szob (Hont county) on 25th November 1927, as the fifth child of a family of twelve children. He was the first son. He studied in Székesfehérvár and Szeged. His ordination took place in 1954. He worked as a chaplain, then as a teacher of religious studies for a year.

The communist state banned his official activity in the area of Székesfehérvár and the entire Budapest region from 1960 onwards.

On 4th October 1976 he was baptized by the Holy Spirit in Alsószentiván.

From 1977 his independent activity was forbidden. From 1979 he was allowed to function as a parish-priest in Pátka until his retirement in 1987.

Then he spent two months in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina where his broken leg miraculously healed in a moment's time. After the collapse of the previous political system, in 1991, he was allowed by the diocesan bishop of Vác to work as an assistant priest in the village of Inárcs. Owing to the devotional love of the believers as well as the benevolent attitude of the local government of Inárcs, a parish was built for him in two years' time. The diocesan bishop of Vác annually gave him permission to continue his work. It was in Inárcs that the Voice within him became clearer and clearer. In the Voice he recognised the thoughts of heavenly beings. This book contains these thoughts.

"As long as something is only an idea, it can only make its bearer happy. The realized idea must bear its Creator. I created you for this and because of this!" /VOICE/

In the autumn of 1997 his licence to practice was cancelled by the diocesan bishop of Vác with regard to the area of the diocese of Vác, only to get it back in the autumn of 1999.

From 2002 on he lived at the home for the elderly priests in Székesfehérvár because of his desease. On 1st May, 2004 he left the earthly world and moved to his heavenly home.

Translated by: Huszti Piroska

Furthet details about the life of Ferenc Dombi and the content of the Voice Books

Translated by: Huszti Piroska

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I have asked the Blessed Virgin Mary for a sign

The would-be box champion received a message: "You must be a priest!"

Not all things were running smoothly in the life of Mr DOMBI Ferenc during the past decades.

Taken by the Party (the Hungarian Communist Party)

- I did not want to become a priest at all, but rather a PE teacher. I got the third placement at the national boxing championship for secondary school students and I was taken everywhere by the Communist Party. I have to admit that I had nothing against it because having recited my speech at the programs I could disappear, while all the others had to stand there during the whole event.
It happened in 1948. I was walking home alone through a park when all of a sudden Jesus appeared in front of me and He told me: "You must become a priest!" I cannot say this in other words. It cannot be compared to anything else; it was more real than anything else on Earth. I did not agree at once, I was quarrelling with Him for about a quarter of an hour. I told Him it was impossible, it would be a scandal! At that particular time there was a newspaper headline in the local paper saying that DOMBI Ferenc would be supported in his tertiary studies by the Party. But Jesus persisted and I accepted that it is in the bag. If Jesus calls me, I will be a priest.
It was a burning issue in the town for a long time: "Have you heard the latest? You won't believe it! Dombi Feri, the big communist, has gone to become a priest!"
As for me, I have been a happy person ever since I entered the door of the seminary.

Between Heaven and Earth

It is supposed that a real, initiated priest maintains living relations between the heavenly eminencies and the believers on Earth. Uncle Feri is exactly such a person, because the Voice speaking within him has already answered questions and given directions to thousands of believers and inquisitive people so far. "Acting upon higher orders", the up to 4.500 answers to these questions have been published in printed form as well. The church has always criticized his actions. Having been ignored for a longer time, just after the democratic transformation, he was allowed to work as an auxiliary pastor in his village, Inárcs, but he had to quit it a couple of years ago. He has not got a parish now but he receives people day by day and he leads different circles in the evenings. Inárcs, the village, where the Voice-volumes were born, has wanted to get its priest back ever since.

I set my foot on it, but it did not hurt

Since a lot of people came to me, the old state regime exerted pressure on me to give up this activity. I was sent to all sorts of places but the youth soon started to gather around me everywhere. I was tossed about from one place to the other so as not to be able to throw out roots anywhere. Then I was pensioned off with an early retirement in 1987. Neither the state, nor the church needed me. I was only 58 years old at that time! Full of steam and energy. "Hey", I thought, "How comes that nobody needs me?!" I went to Medjugorje in Serbia where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared regularly. I asked Her for a sign and I got it.
I broke my left leg on several places in Medjugorje. Three doctors examined me and all of them agreed on the fact that my leg cannot be helped, it is hopeless. Then I asked them to take me to the room where the regular apparitions took place. I was counter-balancing on one leg like a stork during the apparition and towards the end of it I had a strange feeling: the swelling was shrinking on my leg! I stepped on it and it did not hurt! I was healed in a moment! I was crying and jumping with joy.
I visited my bishop at home because I wanted to share my great joy with him, but I did not get a warm welcome at all... I cleaned stairhalls for a while, then, before the democratic transformation I was a hermit for two years. During my seclusion I was saying a lot of set prayers. Much more than it was compulsory for a priest. All of a sudden, the Voice within me started to speak again and said: "Don't say these, let's talk instead!" I looked round. I was looking for the source of the Voice, but no-one was there. Ever since that time whatever question I put up He has given the answer. Later, in Inárcs, the Voice asked me to put down our conversations, His answers to others' questions. That is how the Voice-volumes were born.

For a shot of brandy

Uncle Feri was a revolutionist of his kind, but a peaceful one. Not even the dogmas of his religion mean any constraint to him if his inner Voice, his deep-seated conviction dictates something else. "Even as a Catholic priest, I just cannot get rid of the thought that the theory of reincarnation is impossible to avoid. This is not what I had learnt but the Voice answered to all related questions that reincarnation definitely did exist. As a matter of fact, when somebody dies, he/she takes their experience to the other world, and when they are born, they carry the experience and the debts of their previous lives along. Those who are aware of this, can rise above problems more easily and can understand that there is nothing wrong with the fact that love on Earth is primarily a sacriface and not a pleasure, because this is the price of happiness. You must give something in return for a shot of brandy too! If you give the matter some serious consideration, you will realize that the Earth is nothing else but an airport runway. Why on Earth is the plane running round and round on the runway if not in order to take off up in the sky?!

Happiness or stupor

The first announcement of Jesus in world history sounded like this:
"The time is fulfilled" he said, " and the Kingdom of God is near! Convert your way of thinking and believe the Good News!" /Mark 1, 15/

He did not say that we should convert our circumstances but our way of thinking!
And in fact that is where the trouble lies. We always want to change the circumstances, thinking that our lives will improve by doing this. But this is not true. This is the direction towards stupor. Escaping, shifting responsibility. "I am not responsible for my own unhappiness, someone else is". That is impossible! God has created every one of us for happiness. If the key to happiness lies outside me, out of my scope, my reach, if I am not happy, is God evil? (An additional, poetic question of the editor of the webpage "Web-Hang/Web-Voice" to this topic: "Or does God exist at all?", as many people doubt. But going back to Uncle Feri: ) Or the other possibility is that God is stupid. Because although He created me for happiness, He did not know that no-one would help me. A statement like this is blasphemy!
We often say that a human being is a human being first and foremost from his/her head upwards. Until there is no order in our heads there cannot be order in our hearts either. In other words: we must realize at last that happiness depends on us and not on other people. On me. And I am going to be happy or unhappy as a consequence of my own way of thinking.
I myself know it very well that my happiness does not depend on anybody else. I am not responsible for anybody else, I am responsible for myself. This means that I do not say what I say so that it should be accepted. Everyone is free to think whatever he/she wants to about it. That is how I have peace in me. All of us should strive for this real inner peace. And we really have to make an effort to achieve this on Earth.

This article was published in the 1/9/2001 issue of "Kiskegyed" magazine

Written by: DOMJÁN Anita

Translated by: Huszti Piroska

Produced by and editor: Nagy Peter

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