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"You cannot sprinkle the perfume of happiness on someone
unless you let some of its drops fall onto yourself."

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Selections from "The Voice"-volumes


About the new theology

Selections from 'The Voice'-volumes

"...based on the Voice-volumes you can become familiar with a NEW THEOLOGY which is able to incorporate all the religions, because its fundaments are my oldest messages, i.e. my gospels. I'll have my medium write down its framework for you:
The original sin is selfishness and the shifting of responsibility. The way to get rid of it is through the conversion of your way of thinking on the basis of the gospels which (process) you are to control in the communities gathered together in My name.
BASIC HUMILITY: standing for the perceived GOOD in such a way that you remain open towards that BETTER which can be supported with ME, Jesus, on the basis of My gospels. There is no new gospel from Me! I call this BASIC HUMILITY because it must be the basis for everything capable of carrying eternal values. This is the content of the first great commandment!
UNIVERSAL FAITH: Each person has the right to consider himself/herself a human being and each person is obliged to treat everyone having been born a human as a human being. This is the content of the second great commandment! The new theology which is suitable for establishing the unity among you also, the OECUMENE I begged for in my prayer (Jn 17:3-26) rests upon these two pillars! … The content of the Voice-volumes is aimed at this! This is the one and only ROAD which I, Jesus, identified myself with! The biggest hindrance to it on the Earth is the desire to dominate people which is prevalent in all relegions." (Jesus; Voice, Vol. 42/4632)


About Jesus living within us - about proper love

To love is to will the good. To live is to be able to die. A word is a true word when it is a child of silence. Only the one who can see the invisible beyond the visible can really see. I can be abandoned, but I cannot abandon anybody. Devotedness is not the same as being bound. Devotedness is the genuine fruit of freedom. Being bound is clinging to the spoilt good. Those who are devoted to Me are indeed free. (Jesus; Voice, Vol. 4/312)

The Voice, Volume I.

A Catholic priest's conversation with heavenly beings

"I am merely a humble string of the GUITAR the resonating body, rather what's more, the PICK of which is the VOICE"


Vol. 1/5.

A Catholic priest's conversation with heavenly beings There are hardly any believers who are satisfied with their prayer practice. When the disciples of Jesus asked Him to teach them how to pray they must have been motivated by their observation of the change Jesus' praying caused in Him.
The DIALOGUE PRAYER enables us to experience during praying the strength of the prayer directly. The only means of this form of prayer is faith-imbued common sense. This is readily available to anyone who has accepted Jesus for what He is. The Redeemer.
The DIALOGUE PRAYER (DP) is substantiated by several references of the Script where it is written that everything that builds, exhorts and consoles originates exclusively from the Holy Spirit of God.
Every man every day comes across such spiritual influences, which destroy, embitter and cause despair. God does not leave His children on their own. By means of the DP the source that can neutralise these harmful spiritual forces may be opened any time.
This book contains such teachings inspired by Jesus, which He communicated in response to questions directed to Him. It is my conviction, that anyone practising the DP will immediately experience the effective power of Jesus' presence in seeing their clouds of worry disappear.
Jesus has come so that the Earth become a more beautiful place by His redeeming power. After He went away and sent His Spirit, It does not perform less. What is more, according to Jesus it is better for us his way! (Jn.16:7)
The natural basis of the DP is that God created all of us for happiness and this happiness does not depend on our circumstances but on our attitude towards them. That is, we must learn to transform not our circumstances but our thinking in order to be happy. EVERYTHING HINGES ON THIS! Sooner or later everybody is to realise this. We are created this way.
This realisation forces everyone to decide which of the following 3 ways to choose:
First one, tired of the fruitless fight against your adverse conditions, in indifference, you give up your hope to ever become happy.
Second one, you turn to narcotics, which causing a certain transformation of thinking wipe away your worries for a short time thus indeed generating the sensation of happiness. These narcotics are idols imitating God. The transformation of thinking generated by them is called stupor, for which you have to pay a high price after sobering up.
Third one, which is in reality the only right and irreplaceable path, when you provide with an opportunity the Spirit within you to transform our thinking and to be Its partner in this effort. Jesus expressed this in two sentences. "Convert your thinking" (Mk 1:15) and "Without Me you cannot do anything". During DP this is exactly what happens.
When you pray and articulate your problems, worries, requests or wishes before God, all you have to do is to start to speak to yourself in the second person singular something that builds, exhorts and consoles you in that very moment. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT!
I have been asked by many to discuss their problems with Jesus in DP and to write them His answer. I have tried to satisfy all requests. This book contains a part of these prayers. Since, however, my time and resources are limited, I gladly satisfy the request of the Voice speaking in me to make public this form of prayer so that anyone turning to Jesus can directly experience those building, exhorting and consoling words, which provide wise advice specifically for his or her present problems.
During DP I discovered with surprise that whatever problem I brought before Jesus, he always responded in such a way that His answer was able to build, exhort and console not only the inquirer, but without exception all men of good intentions. This also confirmed my decision to write this book.
It is all natural that the identity of those persons whose questions and responses from Jesus I publish here shall remain a complete secret. Moreover, if the Voice within me wishes so, It can change the form of Its teaching any time. I know that It never changes its content, because that is exactly that builds, exhorts and consoles.
The first longer DP I experienced on a Monday, 15th February, 1993. I am happy about this also because we consider Mondays to be the days of the Holy Spirit. I articulated my own problems in a concise fashion and I allowed Jesus to reply to me in the most comprehensive way. HERE IT IS:


Jesus - Vol. 1/6.

My God! I give presentations on the DIALOGUE PRAYER and I hardly ever practice it myself.

VOICE: "Indeed, My son, you are like the man, who after having found some treasure tell all the world about it instead of using it for his own benefit. Sometimes I do have to smuggle in into your souls the feeling of connection with Me for you do almost nothing for it. When are you going to believe Me, that if you deal with Me, if you let Me deal with you, then you will be able to experience more and better peace of heart than when you open your doors to the TV, the radio or some daydreaming thoughts? I am not happy about My ones becoming low-brow, narrow-minded people. I am not glad when all those gifts from Me only induce somebody to wish to see Me face to face, that it would be good to meet Me for eternity. Obviously, no-one will be disappointed in Me then. But I need you right now. Take it as a distinction. Indeed, you cannot get a higher honour than the fact that I deal with you.
What I say, I say to everyone. - Do you feel that your old friends, acquaintances care nothing about you? That they do not need you? - Then what? Of course they do not! Because I need you. This is why you are still living on the Earth. Not for them. FOR ME! Understand, I need you. I cannot do without you neither in this world nor in the other! Only those understand this who can think also with their heart.
Understand this, now I am declaring My love to you. I love you with eternal love. It has no beginning and will never end! My love is not partial. No way. I want you! More than the temptations of the world! Look at those to whom I gave some things by the help of you. They see you as an emptied tank. Only to falsely console themselves from time to time.
You know that everything in you is from Me, and that you can never be an empty tank for Me. I would not be able to put up with it! I am begging for your love. I love you all. Yes. That resurrected and ascended life of mine I gave to you and for you. I poured out My Soul onto you. You were given a mother whom I only gave to My only begotten child. I do not have much love. Only one. ONE! I love you with this one love. What I say I say to everyone: You are My only one. Should I love someone else this way, then you would have a duplicate.
Do you understand? YOU EXIST THROUGH MY LOVE! Let yourself be loved by Me! I cannot do anything else. And nothing else would be good for you. Do you think I do not know your age, I do not know what you have gone through? Do you think there has been even a single moment when I was not with you? I have always been with you and will always be with you. LET US LOVE EACH OTHER!


Jesus - Vol. 1/7.

I have to decide! I have been baptised with the Spirit. You have already decided on me.

VOICE: "Yes, I have decided on you. I decided before your birth. I decided on you at your creation. Even an artist creates his or her piece of work after a decision about it. Do you think I, being the original wellspring of all arts and artists, would be able to create in a superficial way? No. I have worked in the wholeness of My love into My creation. I created you so that it will be good for you. While something is still an idea it can only make its bearer happy. The realised idea shall bear its Creator. This is why and this is what I created you for.
Look at Mary! I had been bearing her for eternity, then she was and will be bearing Me ever after. This is your role as well! Not less. And bigger cannot be.
Look at the sons of the world. How bright their faces are, how full they are with plans when their pockets are crammed with money. My ones shall be shining as well. You shall be full of plans, for you are bearing Heaven inside you.
Look at Mary! Hear, what she is saying: 'Behold, I am declared happy by all generations!' Oh, if only you could see it! But you will, just decide on the strait gate and narrow path. STEP ON IT!"


Yes, My Jesus! Nothing can be too big a sacrifice for me to make in order to find the narrow path.
Oh, Spirit! Spirit of God! Lead me, like You have led Mary. Lead me to serve, to live for others, lead and teach me to shine. Give me Your plans I can be a tool of. Not only until My death. I would like to serve forever. Do not want to rest but to bear fruits. I want to be a clean channel of love.
Give me Your wisdom. I am missing it so much. Build, exhort and console others through me. I do want to lose My transient life so that the evidence of eternity, that is love should pour out of me.
Mary! Dear Lady of God! You are my mother by God's will. You are a perfect mother. I have to become a child of yours because of whom the Spirit can be joyful. Even you could not make it alone, how could I? I know I hear the words of your Holy Son: "Without Me you can do nothing"! Only by Him, with Him and in Him! This shall be my program.
My God! I want to love You from all my heart, all my soul and with all my strength. So my sense shall remain by all means on the ground of reality.
Away with you hollow, stuck-up dreams! Away with you petty, selfish inhibitions! Away with you untruthful, flattering, seducing ghosts! I am bearing God's POWER and I rely on it. I choose the narrow path! That is, I choose my individual conviction which I always want to gauge to You, my Jesus. This is only what matters. I do not pass my responsibility for myself onto others. I cast my eyes upon the source instead of weighing the future.
YOU ARE, MY LORD, YOUR SOUL IS THE SOURCE! Burst out in me, my dear God! I am needy of not only your mercy but just as much your wisdom. I believe You are here! I believe that growth is Your work. I believe that I can be Your tool and partner even today. You do nothing in vain. You did not give this day in vain. You gave it so that at the hour of my death holding onto it I can swing on.
My Heavenly Mother! I thank your Son that today again He directed my eyes towards You. Like You, I want also to bear the joy, power, goodness and truth of heaven.


Jesus - Vol. 1/8.

My God! Your love has taken high risk by creating man free. You had trust in that we were all sooner or later to find You. Obviously You would like to see in our lives Your trust substantiated.

VOICE: "My Friend! I am again going to tell you a lot today. I want you to hear My voice but you must also know that it carries responsibility with it. Even listening to people involves responsibility. Yes, but it not only alleviates your decisions but also enriches you.
Although the 'I did not know' is not a virtue and I am markedly against it, I have to take notice of it. Listen to My voice, measure it up responsibly and pass it on so that you shall not regret it later.
Whether I am speaking to you or to others, not all can be passed onto just because I said it. I did not tell everything to My disciples until they were ripe enough for its understanding.
Evaluate. I am telling this to everyone taking on a dialogue with Me. It is for sure that what I say will by all means build that one whom I say it to. But the content and ways of passing it on are rather to be discussed with Me beforehand. Then all will benefit.
It was not you I trusted in the first place when I created you as free, that is for loving. I took this risk because I know well My Own Love. I trusted in Myself not in you. Your resolution about Me is nothing else but an echo of My resolution about you.
I know that all of you want to be happy, and I know that nobody can achieve happiness as he wants independent of me, but only as he wants by Me. What depends on you is nothing but that you shall realise this fact somewhere along the time line. It is only a matter of time for all of you".
My Lord! Had I written down this in the middle ages, I would have been stoned!


Jesus - Vol. 1/9.

VOICE: "My Friend! Would you be surprised if I told you that this did happen then? But it is not the middle ages now. Of course the essence of the matter has not changed ever since.
Those in power, as in the past and present, so in the future will never be able to stand those of their subjects without fear. Only their tools for the demonstration of this fact change.
I had not the slightest doubt about your fate when I had stated the following: 'If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you.' So, I do not trust in you because you chose Me but because I chose you.
I have sent and will send you people who can interpret My will correctly.
They are the ones if you listen to whom, you listen to Me. These persons I can speak through but not due to their doing rituals but due to their personal contact with Me. Of course the ritual is not an obstacle but in fact redundant. But this is not enough.
Since you have had the essence of My teachings in the form of the Gospels, you have also had to know that I would never ever get into contradiction with them.
Indeed, those who do not rank the books of the Bible, no matter how well-intentioned they might be, can pass by My teachings and thus by the essence of My Being. With good intentions they can say and do things I could never have said and I could never have done.
Many of you many times make pilgrimage to the treasures of your dreams in order to avoid the effort to build the treasures I offer to you into your lives. It is hard for you to understand that being selfish brings pleasure only in the short run, in the long run it causes many suffering. Meanwhile love is a sacrifice only in the short run and in the long run it results in never-ending pleasure.
Therefore when I exhort you to believe that there are no hopeless cases, that no-one shall be written off from the list of eternal happiness, then I also markedly emphasise that already here and now, for the sake of his or her happiness, everyone shall strive to step on the narrow path the gate of which is narrow although but the only one that opens to eternal happiness.
When you say that many roads lead to God, this can only be stated if you include stupidity among them. That is that moral state which has no responsibility attached. Everyone's moral responsibility is in exact proportion of their mental level. Everyone is responsible for what they can do about.
I did not come to you to let you act merely according to your mental levels. I came to tell you and show you My mental level and to ask you to set this as a benchmark for yourselves. This is what you shall aim at. Not for the sake of your salvation. Everyone will be saved who acts upon his or her conviction. If it was not so I would be more immoral than you are.
I came to you so that already here on Earth you can hear from Me and see from My life how you shall make each other's lives more beautiful. Having My power does not mean the clash of powers. The clash of powers always, without exception, ends in funeral. My power, My love indeed causes life to spring forth. That Man-God blood that dropped onto the ground meant My POWER's victory over yours. I know the infinite strength of My love. Therefore I trust. Not in your greatness but in the fact that with the help of My love's power I can make you into what I would like you to become".


Jesus - Vol. 1/10.

My God! What happened to the Virgin Mother at the time of Jesus' passion?

VOICE: "What can happen to a mother entirely devoted to Me. She was not daydreaming. She was a perfect echo of My Son's, Our Son's YES. The world does not know Mary. You will see and then you will remember these words of mine. Mary is a special flower of My joy. Yes: a Rose of secret meaning.
Mary has been influencing your lives with extreme efficiency. Think of Medjugorje! The Mary-worship cannot be contained. Those who speak against it do it because they do not like those excessive distortions which are painful also for Mary. It is obvious that the first Mary-respecter has been Me. You should respect Mary as I respect her. That is, you should internalise her behaviour of pointing at Jesus. It is good if you ask for her help, but it is even better if you offer your own help to her. Mary is helpless without you in the shaping of your earthly lives. In fact I am also helpless without you in this field. For those who forget this or do not take notice of this fact every prayer is an act of displacement. The one who understands this and accepts this will see his or her love's pulling power grow almost limitless".


Jesus - Vol. 1/11.

My God! I shall treat the fact that I can talk to You as an invaluable treasure.

VOICE: "Indeed, it is a TREASURE. A treasure and not an honour for you. However, you treat this treasure as you treat the other great treasures of the material world. You value the least that which is the least dispersible: fire, water, air!
Your valuation of your relationship with Me defines your self-valuation. You should experience resurrection every time you turn towards Me in your prayers. If your prayer is not hollow act of displacement but a live encounter with Me, then it is like when the wind starts to blow in nature. Then purifying forces start to work in the dreamy air. In those people's hearts who really try to experience in their prayer the contact with Me immediately purifying forces become active, and these forces, only these forces, can make your world more beautiful".


Jesus - Vol. 1/12.

My Heavenly Father! It is the 4th day that I have been contemplating based on the book 'Das Geheimnis Mariens'. Mary called herself a servant and her utmost wish in life was to live up to this. Power, glory? Come on! My Father! I want to listen to Your Spirit's voice.

VOICE: "My Friend! Yes, friendship is established between likes or makes you alike. In this process undoubtedly the higher ranking assumes higher duty. Obviously, the higher ranking is Me. In what? IN SERVING. Yes. I would be in self-contradiction if I did not look at serving in this way, if I was not the Spirit of serving.
You people walk with glasses on. Glasses which are conceptualised and fabricated by you thus they are distorting. The root of your problems is that you want to secure a good place for yourselves in a transient world, and you think, that you succeed in this by exploring and conquering transience more and more. So many morally ruined lives having strived to come close to or surpass world records testify to the fact that this is vainness, all this is vanity.
My Friend! DIRECTION is the most important. Yes. The utilisation of that which is transient gives testimony of the fact how true it is that DIRECTION is the most important. Using the transience for transient ends, this is the instinct-game of the sub-human world. To live in order to die. This is absurd on the level of humans. The plants and the animals do this because they are in service of a higher PRINCIPLE. They were created for this. But you?!
Hear My word I made known through Augustine: 'You created us for yourself, My Lord, and restless is our heart until it finds rest in You'! So, this is it. The plant and the animal are saying by their existence: I am in order to be utilised and used up by others. The human says: God keeps everything in existence according to His will, including me. What is His will concerning me?
Yes, this is what you have to ask. My answer is: You must not only let Me keep you alive but must consciously identify yourself with that target, intention that is in essence identical with Me. This is, in human language: SERVING.
Your world is better characterised by acting out a sub-human life, therefore it often becomes pitiable, ridiculous, even persecutable in the eyes of many if someone stands out of the crowd and wants to serve every time, everyone, everywhere! Because I Myself do not make it conditional in any way. I make My sun rise on the evil and the good, and send rain on the just and the unjust.
I do not differentiate among people. I cast roles but that also from a certain aspect. It is also you who do the casting for each other. This often results in envy among you. Under roles here I mean public functions, where the serving-role offered by Me to everyone is reflected in their names only, e.g. minister. Its content is anything but serving (ministering)".

Dear Spirit! You have given me also the role of serving. Still I am addressed by everyone as Reverend and Most Reverend even. Although this should mean the recognition of My service, and I think many say it that way, but psychologically it is impossible not to hear in it also the veneration of my person as well. I think even the Holy Father of Rome, when he is addressed that way, really thinks that he is a saint father. If it were not so, he would not let himself be addressed that way.
I am glad that my friends and brothers and sisters call me 'uncle' and not 'Reverend.' I wish my headstone were inscribed with this title beside my name!
My God! I know that self-knowledge is not enough for happiness. It is not enough to put up with seeing myself in the way You see me. I am in much greater need of God-knowledge, so that I can become what You want to see me become. I also know that for two millennia it has been possible, since the one who sees Jesus sees the Father, and he who knows Jesus knows the Father.
My Jesus! For you the Virgin Mother was an open book as for her You were an open book. She read almost everything out of You. She could do it because she held herself to be a servant. That is what You wanted to see her to be. I think our heavenly Mother helps us not only to see ourselves as You can see us but also to be able to become what You want us to become.
My Jesus! Mary was a home to You. You want to know everyone as Your home. Everyone is Yours to the extent they are Your home. That cold church cannot be Your real home where we can come whenever we want due to the presence of Your sacrament, but You cannot come to us whenever You want. We can come, because this is why You are what You are. But You cannot come, because we are preoccupied by a lot of things and we want also to come to You.
My Jesus! Today is the day of the presence of Your sacrament. Today I thank You that You trust in me more than I trust in You and in myself. Thank You that the basis of Your trust is the perfect knowledge of Your love's power, because You created all of us onto You, My lord, and restless is our heart until it finds rest in You.


Jesus - Vol. 1/13.

My God! I know that sexuality does not contradict the nature of man You envisaged but it is in fact an appropriate thing if it functions in the way You ordered.

VOICE: "Yes. The world of the sub-human animal shows well what the force responsible for the continuity of life is capable of. One of My most respectful gestures I had made towards you was that I did not retain for Myself the sexual instinct in you but I entrusted it to you to use it as you wish responsibly. I handed over the control to you in this field, which at the same time involves responsibility. Why? Because human life on Earth is not an automatism. For the selfish or unselfish nature of your love is perhaps best demonstrated nowhere else than here.
One has become a mature person if he or she starts to represent unambiguously the following: NOTHING IS MEANINGFUL IN ITSELF. PURPOSE gives value and meaning to everything. There is no such thing as wandering about in indifference. It is much more important what you do something for than what you actually do! What you act for is My duty to judge. What you actually do in order for that perhaps others will judge you.
One advantage of sexuality is that it ruthlessly tests the self-control of you all. Its danger is that the one trying to kill this desire inside makes oneself sick since he or she wrecks his or her own role as leaven/salt. But that also means sickness if a person does not take on a life among other people, if someone feels safe only when securing such an environment for him- or herself that I did not intend for a human.
Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God! The road to this end is self-control".


Jesus - Vol. 1/14.

My God! The world is full of restlessness.

VOICE: "Even those who are convinced about their faith in and love for Me are full of restlessness. The reason for this is that even the majority of the well-intentioned people would like Me to change the world.
You have to change yourselves and that with My help. I am always ready to help in this for those, who do not want Me to work in their stead but to work with them together. Your spiritual development has reached the appropriate level in you when the truth becomes crystal clear and starts to live on its own that it is not things outside you that enable you to align with Me. This possibility is always within you and does not depend on external circumstances. Difficulties might arise inside or outside, but the saying is true about external circumstances: 'All is to the benefit of the lovers of God'. For them I am also God of their circumstances. Inside, however, there is no automatism.
You have to make a decision! Those who does not - with this - have already decided against Me. Therefore every day is a challenge and a call. It is now that you decide what your death-hour will be like. You do not have much influence on the when. I do not have much influence on what it will be like. I am Lord of death and Servant of life.
At the moment of death everyone shall see that they have become what their decisions made them. As space is not an independent entity but one of the the characteristics of matter thus past and future are also not independent entities, but both are characteristics of the present. Both exist inasmuch and in such a way as they exist in the present. I only maintain the present in existence. Only you have memories and daydreams. Your present is the manifestation of your decisions".


Jesus - Vol. 1/15.

From Your words I gather that I am because You have chosen me. And if I want to let others experience You in my life this would be exactly my testimony of my choosing You. Therefore only that person can claim to have chosen You who is claimed by others to have done that.

VOICE: "It is true. Who does not believe says in vain: Lord, Lord! Who does not believe is fleeing. Since he or she is trying to escape from him- or herself, it is like trying to leave behind your shadow".

Why are you saying this, my Lord? I can't understand the connection.

VOICE: "I will explain it. Faith is also a therapy in itself. A cure. The fact that somebody has chosen Me or not is shown by his or her degree of progress along the road of healing. One's present state testifies about whether one really chose Me or not. He or she is not really sick of soul any more who has started on the road of healing. That is, on the road identical with Me.
Happiness carries with it both a mental and an emotional state. You have become used to not being honest to each other. This is right only so far as it is controlled by wise caution. Unfortunately very often this style is projected onto the other two fields. Often you are not honest with yourselves also. This has only harmful consequences, since the one who is not honest to him- or herself does not try to solve but to hush up his or her problems. An invariable consequence of this is that the suppressed problem returns more powerfully and in disguise when it is much more difficult to conquer. Most of the people become nervous wrecks because they are not honest to themselves.
The other area closely linked with the previous one and onto which your lack of honesty casts a shadow is your relationship with Me. In fact this precedes the former.
Since you are not honest with Me therefore you are not honest with yourselves also. Verily I say to you, in their souls who are not honest to Me or to themselves it is impossible for them any kind of healing, any kind of development".


Jesus - Vol. 1/16.

Oh, My God! I am complaining now. Your Spirit has started a process in me when I became a priest. In me then I had an absolute YES about this. Not even the idea occurred to me what else I could be. But that priest-concept I was presented is not identical with the one You are setting me forth now. I am struggling with them.
Indeed You do not need cathedrals and altars to be erected for You. You do not need an army of cult-followers in ornamented garments to sneak around Your altars so that they bring You around something or to express that You have brought them around something. But also people do not need this. Or they need it in such a way or direction that does not result in the radiation of Your love. Laws, rules, paragraphs, regulations. Oh, My God! Prohibitions, brakes, explained-away teachings, etc.

VOICE: "It is a matter of fact that My YES and NO has accumulated a lot of sediment around it since creation. But you must know that every start of a new life is a new opportunity to catch up with untroubled and unpretentious disambiguity. Nothing is by chance. Everything can be used for a new start. This is what you must understand. That what important for you is to start. In fact only that. I provide you all with countless opportunities to start. Waking up is a spectacular start. But every minute offers inside you an equally good opportunity to start. This is a consequence of looking ahead".


Jesus - Vol. 1/17.

My God! Thank You for the host of angels surrounding me right at this moment as if rooting for me so that I become a winner for You. My Guardian Angel! My heavenly master! I am happy for You. Thank you for your inspirations. Now, I ask You to speak to me!

VOICE: "Right. You know, I have a double norm of behaviour. I cast my eyes upon HIM! I look at, I observe HIM, who IS. This makes me live, this make me happy.
Oh, this cannot be woven into sentences by the words of your dimension. Not possible. As the Sun cannot be captured within the frames of a confined net, as the sea cannot be crammed into the tiny shell of a tiny teaspoon, as the sand of the desert cannot be shrunk into a playground in the backyard of a kindergarten, as all the air cannot be squeezed under the bell of a small glass and I could go listing the many metaphors of impossibility, but even if I could name them all it would not be possible to describe what it means for a small celestial being that I am observing HIM. This is my unutterable, inexpressible happiness.
My other function is that I exist with regard to you. I do not only see you! This is much more than that. Your subconscious world provides me, provides us with such an opportunity that we can affect, or rather we can try to affect you. It is a pleasure for me to feel at home in this region. Yes. We also often bombard your conscious world with inspirations. Sometimes you do feel this. But the number of disturbing channels is too high here.
The selfishness, love of comfort prevailing in you makes our work for you not only difficult but in effect impossible.
More inward-concentration, external self-discipline, internal-external self-subjugation would help a lot for you. I can highly recommend these! Undeniably, immense psychic-spiritual wealth is at our disposal for you. But this is like a warehouse in a port full of goods. The cargo holds of the ship have to be opened for this wealth. But this is still not enough! The lumber only taking up the precious place must be thrown into the sea. But this must be done not by the supervisor of the warehouse, that is me, but by the captain of the ship, that is you. Your life's ship is yours! You received it. It is your task to set the direction and do the maintenance"!

My Dear Guardian Angel! You know well how much lumber there is on my ship. Am I only supposed to fight them alone?

VOICE: "No. You have to take notice of them and come to a decision over them. These no-one else can do instead of you. Like in the case of cigarettes and alcoholic drinks. Naturally, stupidity is not such an object. But in this regard it is you who must see and decide. Think it over: what do you use your time for? How do you use your time?"


Jesus - Vol. 1/18.

My God! I often say, and I mean it, that prayer and life are always in sync with each other. Like our prayer, like our life. I ask You: How are we to understand Your word: "Do whatever they tell you and follow it, but stop doing what they do." (Matt.23:3)

VOICE: "Whom I spoke of live in a grave state of split personality. Although there is evil in them, they are not only ill. I can also put it this way: their state is self-judgement.
This is a kind of suicide the consequences of which ripen not in this dimension. But ripen they do. These people would be better off if they let them ripen here. But their selfishness and love of comfort does not let this happen. I mentioned love of comfort as well, because this particular type of selfishness is very dangerous and is capable of killing all empathy in people. Another name of this is - partly - laziness. Partly only because you can be lazy in two ways.
First, when you do not do anything. This absolutely falls into the category of selfishness. The other way is when you do not do what you should. This is more dangerous because this way you can live your whole life in self-delusion while the doing-nothing type of laziness is unbearable for human nature in the long run.
Unfortunately, praying can also be such a displacement activity. This is the symptom of psychical laziness. This is when you recite texts of prayer for the consolation and not for the further development of your own soul, or for the understanding and doing My will. I am not able to start speaking in such a praying person since he or she is not with Me in his or her soul. I always speak My heart. I do not know the content of this word: superficiality. I express myself with every word of mine. Therefore My words bear creative power. Yes, because they bear the Creator Himself. My words never get independent from Me as they are external manifestations of My Spirit. How could I become independent of My Spirit?!"


Jesus - Vol. 1/19.

My God! It is the time of Lent. I have prayed the Rosary. I would like to hear Your voice!

VOICE: "My child! You have also been sweating quite enough in your life. But you only know aqueous-sweat. When already blood is breaking through the walls of the veins and finds its way out through the pores, then it is the soul that is struggling. And its a battle for life and death. My Son went through this. He experienced that to be on the winner's side has a high price. The winner side becomes the winner side by way of expelling from there the horrendous monsters of death.
The winner side is not characterised by capitulation. Just the opposite! On the winner side all arms are in operation. There is no relaxing. Not even fatigue or getting tired. It would not be the winner side, and it is indeed not, where the arms, discipline and attention, are not at work.
Siding with the enemy is betrayal! With betrayal and treason the homeland cannot be defended! The Kingdom of God is capable of sweating blood even. But can never give up one single territory just for the sake of the 'future'.
The Kingdom of God does not know future. It only knows present. There is only present in the Kingdom of God. There is no past. Why would there be? The level of remembering is not the level of life. Dealing with the 'non-existent' is no other than betrayal of the present, no other than escaping. Narcotics try to sweeten the present by making you escape from reality. But this is a big-big state of lie! Such an escape is: PURPOSELESSNESS. Every purposelessness is an insult against the real purpose. The purpose is a PURPOSE exactly for perfecting the person aiming at it. What kind of perfecting can be expected from aiming at such a target that is taking you farther away from reality? How could we name it a purpose when someone feels good in the present, as an ultimate state, when his present - if it does not bear a task of improvement - then means the robbing of the time allocated for that very task?! To be present is merely to be. However, to be in reality is to be in CONTACT WITH OBJECTIVE REALITIES, be these realities tasks or persons."


Jesus - Vol. 1/20.

My God! Thank You for my being able to conduct such conversations this forenoon which aimed at understanding Your holy will. A dead has been reported. But I feel You would like to speak.

VOICE: "His death came quickly. He has not realised fully what happened. He finds it really strange that nobody takes notice of him. In fact he is ashamed that he did not discipline his daughters in what he should have. The decision of taking on another life in a body is maturing in him. He would like to be a very religious family father. No, he cannot take on a life on this Earth. This world is overripe for destruction. Who cares among the leaders about the fate of the world? Nobody! All of them are interested in their momentary personal fate only.
The Pope in Rome can also not do anything with the body of knowledge in his possession. No, because he deems his knowledge of theology sufficient. Thus they lock him up and make it impossibile for him that the Spirit works freely within him.
But I return to the deceased. This poor man struggling here but not knowing what happened will get a tutor here and can design his life which will be the ground of his joys, sufferings and improvement later on".


Jesus - Vol. 1/21.

My God! I really do not know what comes from You directly and what indirectly.

VOICE: "Of course, because this inner microphone of yours, where I am speaking into and from, has not yet cleared up in you well enough. You can be sure right away, and you are, that eventually all words come from Me, even if sometimes I use celestial mediators to make you hear My thoughts. You are like the well, that - left idle - has become muddy, has accumulated sediment due to incompetence. Thus My voice tells you only that it does not come from you. But it is necessary that this be enough for you if you want to remain usable". Yes, My God! I say it like this because I know that everything that builds, exhorts and consoles comes from You no matter what media it has to go through."


Jesus - Vol. 1/22.

VOICE: "My Friend! The moment before you have prayed the Victorious Rosary. You tried to set as example for yourself the state of the final development: - Resurrection - Ascension - Holy Spirit. Yes, all of you will experience all of these right here on Earth already, partly. But those dark clouds accumulating over your soul's sky from time to time often make you forget the Sun above the clouds. This is the job of these clouds. They strive for this. This is their purpose! And yours is healthy generosity. An alignment with Me that makes it understandable for you what and why I allow to happen.
I know what is in man but you do not know what is in Me, although you should know it. Those four revelations out of which you already possess three - creation, inspiration and incarnation (seeing face to face is still ahead) - provide those with sufficient information about Me, who are interested in knowing what is in Me.
If someone among you decides on dealing with Me for half an hour a day, most often even he or she can hardly wait to get over it. Nevertheless, it would be the best for you all if the cultivation of the relationship with Me never ceased.
Who does approach Me shall radiate Me in an ever increasing degree. The more you approach the light, the more you become lit and the brighter you will become.
Generally all of you bear in yourselves that trait of Cain that you are able to kill your brother if not with an axe but words. Exactly this trait can be cancelled primarily by that light which flooding from Me pervades everyone coming to Me with his or her heart. This is so because My name is MERCY. Who says love says primarily mercy. Yes. I WANT MERCIFULNESS! Everyone who enters Heaven enters only by mercy. This is not a favour from Me. This is My nature! I do not only know but also live it that only the merciful are happy".


Jesus - Vol. 1/23.

My Lord! Does the bride-bridegroom metaphor in the Holy Scripture indeed intend to picture heavenly happiness?

VOICE: "Yes. The earthly love marriage indeed allows you to feel something here in time from that, which is the eternal happiness of the MARRIAGE with Me. But only little does it make you feel from it. Such little that I could rightly say: 'Two will be in one bed, one will be taken up, the other one will be left there.'
Only the surface of the marriage-relationship of mankind is for populating the Earth. Human relationships are all such relationships in their depth that are to be developed for My sake be they called association of interest, of friends or marriage. In their depth you can find this.
Since I am necessarily COMMUNITY, therefore the purpose and role of all communal phenomena would be to serve as a cloak for me. Those who get stuck on the surface unfortunately slip on the ice instead of performing their own free exercise. My statement: 'I am necessarily COMMUNITY' does not mean, that I am more than one, but that I cannot live alone".


Jesus - Vol. 1/24.

Virgin Mother! Speak to me, Your servant listens to You!

VOICE: "Good. There are young ones coming to you who you teach, who deal with Jesus and who expect something wonderful. They are right. Their expectations are not in vain. No, because everything is known in God's world and all good intentions may expect a reward. This country is the world of giving presents! Here there is only enrichment. Only enrichment. Your world is the world of transience that is in essence of resignation. There everyone gets disappointed who is not versed in resigning. In your world resignation is, if heartfelt, then only a virtual resignation like death which is a virtual death. Love to resign wholeheartedly. Only those feel death to be death, resignation to be resignation who live in misunderstandings due to believing the magician tricks of the father of lies. Those who want to look deeper, who is not satisfied with the surface can experience how much God loves.
I am going to impart a few sentences on stupor. The music that bemuses your world is not the music of the spheres. The bemusement generated by that rhythmic noise which the youth of today call music indeed invites and revives the spirit of the underworld in them. God does not take away but gives instead. THE EVIL ONE imitates God insofar as it requests: give over yourself. But this submission to stupor, to momentary pleasure opens up the gate of the heart to the demon of robbery. It robs and strips everything, disintegrates its wretched victim into a frightening, rattling psychical-spiritual skeleton.
Yes. This stupor is squarely opposed to that ecstatic state in which the soul can learn more about God, beauty, harmony, silence and happy peace in a few minutes than that one who reads all the literature of the world on these subjects.
Yes. In either case your devotedness is that matters. But in God's world being devoted to Him enriches others. That is it is a factor of development not of progress. Be therefore devoted in such a way that you do not keep on stealing back from Me, from My Son, what you once or now gave over completely. I love you very much and it is My wish to be able to work with greater effectiveness in those children of Mine who get into contact with you. You are to work on this together. It is wise to trust in the fruit-bearing love of My motherly heart".


Jesus - Vol. 1/25.

My Jesus! I am turning to You contemplating about Your merciful love and our merciless selfishness.

VOICE: "Verily, only by mercy can anyone enter Heaven. Not because he or she was given mercy but because he or she has been merciful. You have to emphasise it to a great extent that you are not to be fearful of Me but of your spoiled selves. It is mercy itself that points to this the best way.
What you call the order of justice is in fact the order of mercilessness. I told you and showed you that I know of only one truth: love each other as I love you. No less task do I assign you than to make hell bearable for human life here on Earth.
The song of hell is this: I have fought my truth. All those gaining power in your circles whistle this tune. At that time Pilate was Roman enough to see: an innocent man was standing in front of him for judgement, but he was so much a ruler that he could be anything but just. This is still so today.
I want mercy because I Myself am merciful and I created you onto Me and you will find rest not when somebody has mercy on you but when you yourselves have become merciful. Simply it has no bearing upon the heart of the matter whether somebody is merciful with you or not.
As I said, you have to make hell bearable. There is no other place in the Universe nor state of being where the one who could claim about himself: 'I am life' would have been condemned more severely or executed more ruthlessly then here on Earth.
When I uttered this word 'TRUTH' obviously I just labelled a moral conduct with it which is a necessary characteristic of the order of mercy and which cannot be squeezed into legal frameworks. Only this type of truth can be spoken of referring to Me. Only this truth is identical with Me and with that LIFE which I am also.
The manifestation of this TRUTH is that unmixed attitude from which anyone can recognise the means of resolution of every conflict situation: WHATEVER YOU WISH THAT MEN WOULD DO TO YOU, DO SO TO THEM. WHATEVER YOU WISH THAT MEN WOULD NOT DO TO YOU, DO NOT DO SO TO THEM. It is not enough to know this. You must be striving for this. This cannot be substituted by any type of sacrifice while it can substitute everything else".


Jesus - Vol. 1/26.

My Jesus! Over the past half year You have told me a lot on many occasions. After seeing that from Your words it was not only me who could gain strength I decided to write them down. Soon a thick booklet became full with Your words. So far I have been trying to transcribe the content of this booklet. But this copying is not at all for me. The reason for this is simply that I have been experimenting with something that was impossible. That is I was trying to find some kind of order, some kind of reliable thread so that I can string on it the thoughts coming from You. But just as love cannot be schematised so Your thoughts cannot also be. Therefore, in the future I am going to write down what You here and now inspire in me.

VOICE: "Indeed My Friend, neither life nor love which is identical with My life can be schematised or institutionalised.
Ever so many problems arise from the fact, that institutions want to identify themselves with Me. In this they will never succeed. Not because of Me, but because of you. GOD is not you. You can never say, neither individually nor as a community that whoever sees you sees the Father.
I did not say that where two or three people come together I am them. No. I said back then that where two or three people come together in My name I am among them. This is therefore completely different!
So, there is Me, there are the institutions, denominations intending to represent Me and there are you who are born into or register in one of them. If you are searching for Me you can find Me in either of the institutions wishing to represent Me. But you can stay on My side only at the price of great suffering. The simple reason for this is that the leaders of all of these institutions want to monopolize My Holy Spirit. But the Spirit blows where it wants not where you would like it to. When It blows also where you want it, it is because you want It to blow where It is actually blowing. Thus it is not the Spirit that adapts to your will but there are times when you want what It wants.
This statement: 'The Spirit of Prophecy obeys the prophet' does not mean that should the prophet will it the Holy Spirit lies on his or her behalf, but that It speaks only if the prophet wants also and DOES NOT SPEAK, if the prophet wants to say something else.
The Spirit always speaks when the prophet wants to identify with It. But does not speak, when this intention is lacking. Therefore, if this intention is lacking and still the prophet speaks, then in this case the person in question is a false prophet".


Jesus - Vol. 1/27.

My Jesus! There are a lot of debates nowadays about how You can be a real God and a real human human at the same time. Please, enlighten me on this point.

VOICE: "My Friend! How can that be what you ask? In no way! You are mistaken. How can one be a real, actual human and, at the same time, a real, actual parrot? In no way! What is nonsense downwards in the order of life so it is nonsense upward. A real human is characterised by not only all human features in principle, but also by the fact that he or she is not characterised by non-human features. Being a real human one cannot be a real parrot, but if one is a real parrot then cannot be a real human.
Unfortunately, you have done many stupid things with good intentions. I was praying for you on the cross to be able to love you despite your stupidity in the following way: 'Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do'.
Among you, when I was a real human I was a real human. It is true I was able to become a real God also, but these times I was a real God. I was indeed a real human when I said I could ask as for 12 hosts of angels to help and I was not God at the same time.
I was a real God when I hid My human nature completely from you. Yes, at the time of establishing the EUCHARISTY. But that moment I was a real God and was not a real human.
When I set you an example I was always a real human. When you needed My Spirit's power of rebirth then I was not human but real God. This is why I could say that it is better for you if I leave. You can live from Me, only because I was real human. But then I was not real God. You can live by Me only due to the fact that I am God and not human".


Jesus - Vol. 1/28.

My Jesus! One of my brothers would like You to say something about praying because this brother can speak to You only with great difficulty especially when wanting to pray in the community aloud.

VOICE: "There lies creative power in love. When you hear about creation, generally you think of the genesis of the material world. Thoughts have also to be created! Love can do that. If the will is ready for it, then it is capable of this creation. The most important is the presence of love. Love feeds such a desire for self-expression in which the LOVED being gets glorified.
Via Augustine I once said: 'Love and do whatever you want'. I now put it this way: Love, and that's all. You cannot love Me also if you are not thinking of Me or dealing with Me. Loving Me exactly means considering your home at Me. That is: elsewhere you can only be a guest never at home. I do not need what you have to say, I need you. If you know this, then this realisation is already a prayer in itself from you. It does not depend on words. But on the realisation that We belong together.
Prayers told in community are: a testimony of My presence. They are not a result of some great effort. During those occasions the 'what shall I say' problem already wants to go beyond the level of testimony. Greeting Me or giving thank to Me is also enough which is on last account not other than a natural expression of taking notice of an ordinary encounter with somebody. Adult persons little have to learn how to greet the one they meet.
You should pray, i.e. greet Me with more than just a few words, in your solitude. To create thoughts which are bearers of your joys, sorrows, desires and disappointments. To stand in front of Me in your soul, opening up the locks of your inner gates, to wander in your past with Me and ask for eyes from Me in order to see the traces of My work and love in your life, asking for My blessing on people and events which blessing purifies your dreams, relationships so as not to make you merely stand yourself but to enable you to be happy for yourself because of Me.
You are not merely a human fate being in the wrong box by chance but with you the light of My eternal dream appeared in this dark world.
Yes, this prayer has to be learnt. I want to teach it to you. No-one else can teach you how to pray only Me, your God, whom you call Jesus, and who is waiting for you in the bottom of your heart to come to school to Him. Tell Me also aloud what you think I must hear. With your love shall you conquer the tempter attacking your prayer. And this is possible if you know: I AM WAITING FOR YOU. I am waiting and very grateful. I want to feel happy and want to feel sad together with you.
Prayer is undoubtedly also a question of FAITH. But you need no extraordinary faith for it. Faith is the eye of the heart. 'Blessed are those who are pure in heart, for it is they who see God.' Are you not pure? No problem. You do not want to be pure. That is problem. There are many ways how one can become impure. There is only one way to become pure, however. Only that person's heart becomes pure who believes that I can do that. As the leper said: 'If you will you can make me clean'. To such statement I have never said I do not want. I would not be able to.
Believe Me, wherever I appear there everything gets cleaned. You learn to pray insomuch as you stop being a stickler for your own petty mistakes, and as you allow the purifying power of My merciful love to reach at least your mind. That is you have to realise that the important thing is not what kind of a person you are but that you are Mine. Rest assured, others also have no value in themselves. Therefore your prayer makes your life worthwhile not your life your prayer. Think about the prayer of the Pharisee and the publican. In our connection through prayer My role is much larger and effective than yours. You only have to believe this while I have to carry you. Your prayer becomes of value and you become precious not because of you but because of Me.
Prayers have many forms. But all are identical in that they are prayers by Me, for Me and for you. So much of this now".


Jesus - Vol. 1/29.

My Jesus! Please, speak to me about Your Church!

VOICE: "My Friend! My Church is that institution which can show to its members, to those dealing with Me how much human misery can be crammed together in My name in order to satisfy personal selfish interests and power ambitions. Exactly My Church is that place which by way of the gigantic size of its external walls runs a negative advertising campaign saying in effect: Small is beautiful.
My Church is My Cross. It has always been. It is here where selfishness, hatred, greed, envy, mania for titles, dandyism, lust for money, love of comfort, dishonesty, cunning get best displayed. This is its only true value and about which those in it have indeed nothing to do.
The only value of this Church is that it is MINE! Just the same is the case with the Cross. In itself it is a gallows-tree. It became of value by Me, by My choosing it to be a battlefield, My battlefield. In this way all blessing originates and radiates from this Cross. My Church carries out this same mission. It is in no way a whitewashing of the Negro. No. My Cross and My Church are identical in their roots, processes and fruits. Just as you cannot get off from your cross since it was built from the beams of your nature and circumstances, same is My Church. My friends and My accusers are all bricks of My Church.
The reasons behind people's changing their congregation are never related to the Grace of God but to psychology. Your being a better or worse person does not depend on which congregation considers you a member. The love dwelling in your soul gives all of you moral value independent of your membership in this or that congregation. My Church is the treasure house of opportunities for both ways: ruling - serving; loving - selfishness; pride - humbleness; hurting - forgiving.
It is impossible that any of the congregations could lay their hands on Me to such extent that they could exercise absolute control over Me. The truth is that anyone can devote him- or herself to Me in any of the congregations in such a way that I can put him or her to use according to My will.
It is not the case that the Church provides Me to the world but that I provide the Church to the people. Blatantly false is the view when the ruling elite in My Church identify themselves with it in an exclusive fashion. This is known also to those in power. Sin against the Holy Spirit can mainly be found here.
It was obvious to Me also before the establishment of My Church that I must love everyone and that I must let everyone know that I want to live in everyone's heart by setting out to accomplish that. That is, My call is extended to everyone: Let Me inside you so that I can love everyone by you.
In the one who does not provide for this for Me I cannot live, even if he is the Pope in Rome or a paediatrician. The problem arises from the fact that in you I want not only to love everyone but I also want to tell to everyone through you that this is My character.
The problem arises from the fact that I want to speak to others through those I live in. And through whom I cannot speak I cannot live in also.
My aim is not to love. It is My BEING. My aim is the talking, the teaching, the spreading of the good news. My aim: To speak out through you to others that exactly this speaking is My aim also in them. In this regard indeed the last in the chain is donkey. Better said, devil!
No matter how much love one thinks to exhibit in oneself without this, I cannot identify Myself with that person. And if he or she sets it as a final goal for others that we must love each other, and would like to support this with Me, then indeed in the image of the Angel of Light that Seducer gets revealed there, who is the Father of lies.
If you love someone in such a way that you do not also reveal that this person's happiness is guaranteed only by his or her starting also to love others then it would be better if that person were given no love at all, because half-love is worse than hatred. It is My will to understand My words, so I repeat Myself: My Being is loving. My aim is to tell this to others. My Being dwells with joy only in whom I can accomplish My aim.
Who only wants to be loved - which everyone does anyway - will sooner or later want to silence those who also demand from others the compulsory task of becoming messengers of loving.


Jesus - Vol. 1/30.

My Lord! One of my brothers would like to hear something about ORDER from You.

VOICE: "My Friend! I know what kind of order is the subject of your brother's question. But I will reach deeper than that this time, because that kind of order with which he has problems is merely the surface.
When everything has its own place and everything is in that place then there is order in your circumstances. In this static state there is no life. This is a work of art. You cannot live in such a state of life for long. No, because you have to take care of adapting the human behaviour to the external order.
That order which is necessary to be present in a normal way of life is not rigid, not static but an adaptive external circumstance. This problem overwhelms you when the adaptation is hanging in the air. You would adapt but there is nothing to adapt to.
Many tasks left half-done, commenced but never finished are a sure sign of the fact that the problem is not with the external order. Those whose plans and realisations have fuzzy borders usually suffer from facts, are fatigued by the present and are always fleeing to some extent. A circumstance itself being a piece of reality can only adapt to reality. A fleeing person is always disorderly because he or she has no solid present.
This is undoubtedly a characteristic of children, but it does not make an adult happy and is not comforting, because it carries responsibility. Daydreaming does not pay off. No matter how hollow reality appears to be, there is nutrition in it, and no matter how colourful your dreams are, there is no nutrition in them. Opium at most.
Instead of a state of stupor get going with vigour! This shall be your motto. Again it is valid here that you should not start from the outside towards the inside but from the inside outside. It is not the external order that makes you real from the inside. That very joy you feel over your finishing and finally not discontinuing your projects is the factor that will restructure your outside world into order. This order will be the result of your inner, real-time state of being. You must liquidate your discontinued projects.
The chariot of life is not drawn by eagles. Where things do not happen step-by-step only daydreaming occurs there and not real living.
Be modest. It is not modesty when someone declares the limits of his or her abilities to equal zero. This person wants to shift all responsibility on Me, and since he is aware of My greatness, he thinks he will naturally experience this greatness of Mine. He won't. This person will experience that without him I am helpless. And since he is not accustomed to this, therefore he tries to make his life bearable by fleeing.
The modest person does something. And that something he or she does hard and completely. The modest may do very little but what he has commenced does finish completely. The modest does not flee because he does not fear the little and rejoices over the complete no matter how small it is.
Do you want order around yourself? So do I. But I am God of your circumstances only as much as I can be God of your deliberations and as much you let Me lead you to self-knowledge. Like it or not, nobody knows Me better either externally or internally than himself or herself."


Jesus - Vol. 1/31.

My Jesus! One of my brothers who among others deals with homeless people would like to hear Your opinion about this social problem.

VOICE: "My friend! Social problems cannot be solved either from bottom up or top down. Those who try in fact use this activity as a cover name. Either for alleviating their financial problems, or for acting out their ambitions of vanity, or they are naive. The first two may be valid at the same time, of course.
Homeless will always be among you, because their existence is replenished from two inexhaustible sources. One of the sources is the mass of people willing to get richer. The other one is the mass of people not willing to work. Both of these sources are inexhaustible. But there are among the homeless those who are faultless in their becoming homeless, or who are already faultless in remaining one. Thus the seriously ill, the dying homeless. Therefore they help Me, who help these people.
I have not much to say about the homeless in your country, since in their private decisions they do not ask Me for help. In most cases they want and long to be acknowledged as pitiable by others.
When I was being driven with My cross on My shoulders to the place of My execution, and I met women who thought Me pitiable, I clearly let them know: I am not and never was pitiable. Yes, you are often more pitiable than those who you used to pity because of their material misery. What you must understand is that the real homeless is ME and it is you who are pitiable for this.
While you think that I have found abode in you, do not be sure about it. Only when your environment gives you testimony about My living inside you can you say that I have found home in you.
It is a constant blunder of yours that you would like to approach Me from the direction of the people and not by starting from Me towards the people. You will not find Me coming from the homeless, but if you give Me abode you will find appropriate field for serving Me.
You often repeat My words: "For I was hungry, and you gave me to eat, ... what you did onto one, you did onto Me." You say: "Lo, we do have to help people in order to get to Jesus, and we do not have to go to Jesus if we want to take on needy people." You are mistaken. You go on reciting what I said when I had identified Myself with the pauper. I went on like this: "Those will then ask: when did we see You starving ... etc."
Thus they did not even know that they were helping Me. But that I was living in them as Love, they knew it about themselves and others knew that about them.
So those you live together with should realise that you are Me, and you should know that I am you. Then in every homeless you will serve Me and you will influence them in such a way so as to help them take Me inside just as you had taken Me inside yourself. You shall not harm anyone ever! But if you have taken Me inside evidently you will sooner or later be harmed by those having excluded Me. I repeat it: You shall not harm anyone, but if you are never subject to harm than you shall know from this that I do not live in you in the appropriate way. This is true in this way until the end of times. Who takes Me in will see his or her own relatives as turning into enemies.
Do not mix up the necessity to earn a living with the imperative that you shall help the needy once I am living in you. Searching for the Kingdom of God and its truth, to which everything shall be added means, that the searching for Me and the dealing with Me will leave no room for questions of what to live from or for the possibility of being in trouble.
I send this message to your brother asking the question: he is endowed with a strong critical thinking. This in itself is not valuable. None of the abilities are valuable in themselves. All abilities are qualified by the aim they are used for and the intention they are soaked with. INTENTION AND AIM! This decides how constructive someone's critical thinking is. It is in essence unimportant WHAT one does. But WHY AND HOW he does it. That is decisive. If you do not place the emphasis on these then you lull yourself into vain, conscience-comforting acts of displacement. Do not toy with Me! Take yourselves more seriously!
I love you. But it is not enough! Only if I can love with your hearts, inside you, that alone can make you happy. This cannot be replaced by anything else. This is how I am irreplaceable for all of you.
If your brother can understand it, he will have time for everything. Where I appear there time stops no matter how fast things are quickened. Your contact with Me is realistic, if it is state-of-being like, that is timeless."


Jesus - Vol. 1/32.

My Lord! In one of the communities someone has asked a priest without discussing it with the others to visit that community and speak to them. This person believes that in the Roman Catholic Church priests are indispensable. When he notified the others about his action one of the brethren complained about the priest's invitation. Then he asked me to ask Your opinion about this matter.

VOICE: "My friend! My opinion is the following: If anyone in your community invites a priest is not a problem. Do not be afraid of priests! Whatever they are like, they once dedicated their life to a cause they had deemed sacred. That is a different matter that what they had dedicated to their life internally is showing itself to be quite different from the outside.
It is true that many priests are not willing to realise that their dream and reality are very different. Therefore they try to force onto others from above, with the words of power of the high reverend that which they themselves do not live internally, namely that the rites - and I mean the ministering of the sacraments - in themselves were forces for the improving of one's behaviour in themselves. Most of the priests make their high-reverend life easier to bear by wrapping everything that can be - and after all everything can be - wrapped into mystery.
Do not be afraid of priests! What they say can only invigorate you who all know My words and intentions. If you can recognise Me in their words then for that if not then for the opposite reason.
Do not as well be fussy with problems of form! I mean when someone acts on behalf of the community though not having asked for its consent. It should be pointed out as not proper conduct but should not be overreacted. After all they did not act against Me."


Jesus - Vol. 1/33.

My Lord! One of my brothers complained that there are some in the community who want to leave it because he had severely criticised the Church. What is Your opinion about it?

VOICE: "If someone wants to leave a community because My Church is being denounced there, that person shall be apologised to and shall be assured that such thing will not happen again in the future. My Church has an inevitable value, that it is Mine! Do not identify My Church with the church members. Do not ever denounce My Church, bearing the Catholic or other labels, but you shall be able to speak out the mistakes of its members out of love, with the intention of betterment, since you are, in this regard, responsible for each other, or I rather put it this way: you are responsible for yourselves. Watch out not to get into complicity by your silence. But you shall take care also of not committing sin by speaking without love in you.
Many times and in many situations it is not easy to see clearly. It is especially difficult for priests. Their upbringing did not prepare them for it. Do not expect everyone to be able to quickly and with pleasure see Me as you do. In this regard there are very few people having been granted such an opportunity as you have. Especially priests have not been given it. Priest and high priests constituted also the majority of those convicting Me, and most of them indeed did not know what they were doing.
Truly, you shall learn to keep on waiting. Not to compromise! But keep on waiting! Even millennia. It is not at all unbearable for those who know they live forever.
To LOVE does not mean you have to give up what you see as good, but that others, if well-intentioned, can read from you the happiness which is the influence of My life and love on you.
Regarding the limits to love, those instances where others digress from My teaching cannot be used as points of reference. It is however such a reference point to consider to what extent you are able to make flexible and adaptable the teachings you have received from Me. The issue for you here is that you should be able to put to use My words in a way that increases happiness for you and for others. This was the reason why I said them! Those who you tell them to should accept them not as something "good" but as something "better." In most cases the problem is that many think you would like to take away from them something good without giving them something better in return. You should achieve that the good which they possess appear insufficient in the light of that better you offer them. You should make them understand that the good they presently possess as a piece of knowledge is indeed good, but not true. But what you say is both good and true at the same time. Thus it is not enough if they gather from what you have to say that it is although true but not good.
Understand me! It is not the case that it makes no difference to live from or live for that what you have once learned. It does matter! The case is that you must live FOR it. Living FROM it leads you to crooked ways. Even those in hell live from Me not for Me! Living for Me means, that when you do not know what you should do, then you should not do anything. There IS fruitful idleness. In Tolstoy's novel 'WAR AND PEACE' that general won the war that acted the least but prayed the most, and he did it on purpose.
There are many crooked views in Bokor also ('Bokor' means 'Bush' in Hungarian and refers to the name of a once oppressed Hungarian Christian movement active mainly during the era of Soviet occupation and in subsequent years - the transl.). Bokor is undoubtedly the healthiest seed of MY Church. But it is a seed of My CHURCH. Those who represent Bokor are subject to more attacks in high concentration than anyone else. But there must not be a change of roles. They must not become the attackers!
The Bokor is with heart and soul this: THERE IS NO HITTING BACK. That is, not even that! Attack by no means. In the moral fight for the Kingdom of God the attacker is the sure loser. The winner is the one standing the attack but not renouncing the fight. He (or she; from now on only the male gender will be used. The transl.) is winner despite, what is more, because of ending up nailed onto the cross. Suspicious is the fire that needs shouting about to let people know that it is burning and giving warmth and light.
The community where people get together in the name of an idea is not living by Me, but that one is where people get together because they separately and individually need community and they are in community with Me, Jesus, individually. If anyone leaves such a community is the work of the devil. Because in such a community the leader is not a human but My Spirit. And My Spirit can work best in the one who is the most humble. The most humble, then, is the one, who is the most open towards the better and who is in a state to be willing to take on all suffering and service to testify to the best that one perceives as such.
Although I am called Lord among My ones but all of them know that I am among them to serve them and not because they are to serve Me. I have achieved this by assuming responsibility for Myself and not for them.
Do understand this: you cannot take responsibility for others! As no-one can point at others in accusation that he did not find Me. I have inscribed Myself into everyone's heart. Be more forgiving with one another. Do not be worried about Me nor My Church. You should be worried about yourselves! Short, very short is the time! What else shall I say? That 30 years about which the Bible is silent was not a Jesus-less period in my life. Jesus can only be Jesusian. In the Joiner of Nazareth as well as in you.
The source is more important than the result. And the source is solely and exclusively the internal peace established by Me. You cannot live for Me in any other way. If this is not given then one has to withdraw. Most of the people of good intentions leave the community because they feel that after losing their peace they did not find Mine. And they are right. The peace of heart is not the peace of cemeteries.
In fact the peace of heart is not merely the calmness of order. The peace of heart is a state-of-being-like struggle of the soul exposed to many impacts and attacks in order to establish balance. This struggle is essentially the soul trying to take over that peace from Me which I do not give as the world gives, that is via conquering others. This peace can be accommodated exclusively by self-conquering, readiness to learn, openness and primarily by a willingness to be faithful to Me.
Love is the important thing. Love cannot be institutionalised. Love cannot be generated nor maintained through organising. Love, if real, can only be lived. Nothing else can be done with it. This means, that it is real if it is peace-radiating good-will and tension-bearing dynamism at the same time. The one who loves always does something, either inwardly or outwardly, but is never idle. The fruitful idleness is only apparent idleness. It is very much an effective work towards the inside. Those who live for Me can live for many different things but for themselves. Selfishness and living-for-Me are two mutually exclusive concepts. Those who live for the community knowing that I have place and task there want to serve everyone. They want to be first in this activity.

Serving, slaving i.e. being able to take on even slave-like labour and at the same time living in inner freedom without constraints, this is the GOAL, this is the DIRECTION, this is the consequence of listening to My Spirit.
Life is not only complicated. It is also simple. This means, that only in theory shall you love everyone. In practice only those with whom you are in contact at the given moment.
In such a community in which I can be actively present in anyone, thus in you also, only a searching-type of priest will be at ease. Most of them cannot do about their not being searchers anymore. Most of them think that only others are in need of them. But this is true for you also. The one who identifies himself or herself with My teaching is My brother, sister and mother since I am one with what you call 'good news'.
Almost every line of the Bible is capable of bringing you to Me but also of taking anyone away from Me depending on how personal our relationship is and how independent one has become internally of the institutionalised factors.
I repeat again: Love cannot be institutionalised. In My communities there cannot be a conductor who commands with his baton. Such things are tolerated though but not sanctified by the Holy Spirit. That is, such a person cannot relay My peace no matter how much he would like to.
My Church must be the workshop of the service of freely loving persons. To love is just not possible in any other way. Since its borders are infinite only in theory, in practice its membership headcount is limited. Indeed you must not give in to the temptation of the theoretical option. That is, in order to increase in numbers to give up the walking the narrow path. My Spirit is the Spirit of ORDER. It can hardly work where people try to help Its work by wordly reasoning, laws, regulations, orders, intolerant expectations, careerist competitions.


Jesus - Vol. 1/34.

My Lord! One of my brothers would like to hear from You something about telephone assistance services.

VOICE: "My Friend! People can be grouped into different groups according to different categories. While there are general categories covering everyone, what is more, everything originates from ONE root, but using distinctions among groups of people can only be effective if reasonable differences are established.
It is a general principle that humans are praying beings. You were taught that the one who lifts his spirit to God prays. The truth is that anyone calling the helpline number starts to pray in his own way since he starts to speak to and confide to a practically stranger, and by all means invisible person, private matters, free of charge.
In fact it should be determined first if there is any point in such a prayer. As much as a treatment of symptoms in the case of an illness is meaningful, to that extent this prayer is also that. Symptomatic treatment is in essence time-buying. All the treatments carried out by psychologists are always symptomatic.
Fundamental cure only I can give to everyone in their souls provided they believe in Me. Those who have handed themselves over to Me, who have let Me live in them, although appreciating the servicing of the symptomatic treatments cannot help accusing themselves of omission. Who wants only symptomatic treatment does not think that he needs Me.
I am capable of giving fundamental cures in your communities. I am not capable of that through helplines. This is not required, even prohibited by those running that service.
It is true that those calling the helpline service are praying, but it is also true that this service is not God. It is always a case of getting the wrong number for those who call you and you are not even in the position to let the caller know about this.
Life is not an assembly of parts. You cannot say that "at least this much we ought to do for the spiritually depraved", just as it cannot be said that someone shall give birth to at least her baby's arms or legs when she is not able to deliver the whole body.
You are very smart in achieving that the YES and NO are neither absolutely yes nor absolutely no. This is the style of the politicians. When will you realise that the human soul must not be degraded to be a political subject?!
I have given and am giving My life for each and everyone. You cannot even introduce yourself during the helpline service. You are not God. You cannot tell the caller that he should call God first and you only after that.
When will you notice that you keep on consuming immeasurable time-, physical- and money-energies and I cannot even say that at least you have achieved any results. I cannot even say that 'from the labour of the mountains a mouse is born'. No, because the result of the immeasurable time-energy sacrifice even in the best case is: self-deception. You need a very serious transformation of your thinking in order to be able to see the reason why.
'These words cannot come from Jesus, since almost no-one - priests, doctors, psychologists, patients - no-one agrees with him' you might say.
But remember that exactly because of their failing to transform their thinking did they also argue against Me, exactly in this way, two thousand years ago and thus put Me on the cross: 'This Jesus can't have come from God since all the Pharisees, scribes and the population together do not accept him as having come from God'.
I say it again: the telephone helpline service is idolatry on the part of the caller. And on the part of the assistance it is a denial of Me in front of the people. The two together are an act of displacement: a person's attempt to get by without conversion also through psychic treatments."


Jesus - Vol. 1/35.

My Lord! I am bringing before You the requests and questions of my teenage brothers. We are waiting for your reply. One of my brothers would like to know why he does not get a letter from his friend.

VOICE: "Your brother is asking something from Me that he should ask from the one he is expecting the letter from. For you my omniscience is meant for nothing else than teaching and educating. Do not think it is too little! This is exactly what your teachers and educators both fail to do well most of the times.
Again I would like to teach in connection to your brother's question. Primarily him but also all of you. All of you can always learn from My answers to anybody's questions.
MY CHILD! You are calling your friend to account for his missing letters to you, with good reason. Your previous letters, especially the latest one, indeed justifies this. It is often the case that you cannot see the motivations behind your actions. Even your willful actions often originate from a different root than the one you name. This is why you have no ability to judge over anyone rightfully. You can see the surface only. This is why many times you misunderstand or do not understand each other at all.
You have to make sure that you do not allow any irate grudges to awaken in you. Personal relationships always originate from Me provided they can stand the test of public exposure. Their breakup can also come from Me but it is also possible that you spoil them.
It comes from Me if ends with peace after it has become clear that its further maintenance will not bring you closer to Me but will distance you from Me. There is a large amount of human relationships for which it is just natural that they end. Yes, because they were efficient enough for the purposes of love only for a certain period. Development is development exactly because it can happen in parts. Not even marital relationships are for ever. Solely about the relationship with Me can we say that - in its entirety - it may be for eternity because there is no development in Me. Only that boat can be said to be firmly standing which has fastened its anchor to not another boat also drifting at sea but to solid ground. This is Me.
You are all in a state of wavering. Even the most successful marriage lasts only until death. If only one of the spouses has connected him- or herself to Me, then the other will irreversibly sink - most often a long time before death - in the waves.
My Child! My love has got you together, but for its survival neither Me alone nor only the two of you are enough. I am essential for it. But since your relationship is a free one, therefore it depends on you and your friend also.
Happy is the person who can maintain relationships and can disengage from them in peace. Under disengagement I do not mean that you are to end it, but that, if the other breaks it up, you should be able to disengage from it as soon as possible. This has to be learned by practicing it.
Give a thought to the question: who left you so far. But do not focus on why they had left you but on how you digested these events. This will help in the future.
So, coming back to your question: the point is not why he does not write but how you digest this fact in yourself. Your peace and happiness must not depend on the behaviour of others. Solely on your attitude towards them.
I am glad that you are able to think practically, nevertheless, you also should pray more - or I can even say, since you have not done so far - you should start praying for wisdom and strength so that what you can wisely see you are able to take on and do.
I was happy about your question. I would be happy if you were happy for My answer and you would deal with it time and again. Because at the moment there are much more obscure, hidden teachings in it for you than you could realise at the first reading."


Jesus - Vol. 1/36.

My Jesus! One of my brothers is asking for the explanation of dream.

VOICE: The castle-like stone building with its patios is external safety from which there is a view over the world. That coldness and loneliness you experienced then showed that the evidence coming from outside cannot yet satisfy you, make you happy, cannot provide a good feeling even if it does not enclose you, if it gives allows you to take a look at the world by way of its patios. The spiral staircase represents the path of your life. The downward movement shows the direction of your interest which was at that time motivated more by curiosity than by a desire for deeper understanding.
The vision of Mary filled you with fear exactly because you were descending not ascending. You will have joyful experiences of Mary if you start upward on the spiral stairs of your life.
That vision was not from the Evil! I love you much more than to let you fall into devilish fear. You experienced there and then human fear. Like when a mother frightens her child thus protecting him or her from fire, water or electricity.
Mary is able to scare, too. But this scaring is of the developing type. True, it does not console but does not bitter you either. Does not encourage but does not make you desperate either. Its purpose is to build. This vision was building you.
The cold loneliness will switch to a warm feeling of finding true friends only while climbing upwards. I repeat. If you chose not the easy road downwards, but its opposite, then Mary will fill your heart not with fear but warm courage.
I can call it deepening or climbing upwards that Mary would like to teach you also and that by all means requires wings.
The wings of the soul is the prayer. Only by the prayer's help will your life become warm enough and dissolve loneliness. Mary is a good mother and a good educator. Be happy to have been allowed to meet her.
As a mother is afraid before giving birth to her child but is happy afterwards because some new life has been born to the world, so after your one-time fear there shall come the hour of joy, because then in you, with you and by you some kind of new perspective of life starts towards such a Jesusian life which will not only serve your own joy.
My Child! You are standing before a wonderful and great divine adventure. Use your wings, the prayer, be attracted towards the ascended, sublime life, search for such friends, communities! Who I give a lot from that I also demand a lot. Oh, if only you could trust Me as much as I trust you!"


Jesus - Vol. 1/37.

My Jesus! Thank you for today's allotment from the Script. I think it is appropriate to ask my question from You in connection with the Seven Tribes Foundation.

VOICE: "First of all I state a basic principle, then I will apply it theoretically on your case, then you will get an exact answer from Me as to your behaviour. The basic principle related to this foundation is the following: it is worth joining only for those who either want to get richer or help others while also making already rich people get richer. The application of this principle to your case is evident. You do not want to get richer. In fact, it is not your primary goal to help others.
You have learnt from Me that you shall give to others what is yours, that is, you shall impoverish yourself. A natural consequence of this is helping others, but the primary motivation is impoverishment.
Its simple explanation is that I am calling those into the Kingdom of Heaven and I call them the blessed of My Father who help others but I identify Myself with those who must be helped.
As much as you impoverish yourself for My sake to that extent and in that way I am ONE with you. I tell My Father's blessed, that is the helpers: 'I was starving and you gave Me food.' So, I identify Myself with the poor.
Those who want to get richer in order to help others should remember this request of the Our Father: "Bring us not into temptation". Many yield to the temptation of defending or supporting an ideal. This is already only one step short of the fight for the defense of certain achievements. These and similar issues transform the earth into a battlefield.
If someone really loves Me that one will help the needy by all means, but this, as an act, is in itself not a goal. It will be a consequence of someone's identification with Me, that under the guidance of My Spirit he gives up what he has in a reasonable manner. In this sense, therefore, not the helping but the impoverishing for My sake is that which is primary. I know the two cannot be without each other, but the emphasis is primarily on the impoverishment: 'Blessed are the poor...'
And now I am going to give you an exact answer related to your behaviour. You have been asked by your friend to join this foundation for his sake.
Friendship is a great and holy relationship. When Mary Magdalene poured the expensive ointment on Me the disciples were grumbling about it. They took it as an act of wasting. I then stood by Magdalene.
If your friend needs two new members for this foundation, then stand by him but in such a way that both of you can find rest and peace within your own present perspectives.
You are not and you cannot wish to be well versed in the matters of this foundation. He is. He has worked himself into this field. You have to stand by your friend so as not to harm your inner sight. You have to impoverish yourself in such a way, that you should not get richer either now or later by way of it and you should not even be tempted by it.
Friendship is sacred. Hand over the twelve-thousand forints to your friend. This is where the responsibility of your conscience ends. Since he knows this foundation better, he shall act according to his will but he shall leave out your name from it. Otherwise he causes harm to you.
Stay away from all financial matters. I was born in a stable, the place where I was buried was a stranger's property and in the tension between these two points, as a wandering teacher without pay I could state that foxes have holes and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to rest his head on. I had a disciple who handled the money: Judas. There was another one, who knew money very well as he was a tax collector: Levi. He even changed his name when he joined Me: Matthew, the evangelist.
I love you all very much. You are not identical. And one is not better than the other.
For you in this matter My message is this: you will always have the poor with you. Poverty cannot be cancelled. If I had told you to wipe away poverty I would have asked an impossibility. I ask for impoverishment from you all. This you are able to do. This shall be the program you get from Me. Not the getting rich in order to be able to help. You will be better off if you stay needy than if you experienced that others need you.
It is good that your friend brought up this foundation issue because I had the opportunity to clarify it in you."


Jesus - Vol. 1/38.

My Jesus! One of my brothers is asking for the explanation of yet another dream. His dream was in a nutshell: bricklayers were working at their home and my brother's mother sent them for some bottles of beer. It was dark. The celestial objects on the sky merged together.

VOICE: "My Friend! Dreams do not lie. Dreams are marvellous picture-riddles which always contain some thoughts which are worth taking to your hearts.
Your brother's dream consists of two separate parts and draws your attention to two worlds of different content.
The bricklayer is a builder from this world and the beer is a means of pleasure also of this world. Your brother's mother would like to establish for him such a home in this world where the daze of this world can be evoked. All mothers are exposed to such temptation on this earth. The darkness symbolises the thoughtlessness of this wish. The vision depicting the amalgamation of the objects of the sky means that the vain stupor of this vain world has no home in your brother's soul anymore. No, because he has seen as real what he has, and that is in fact the reality! This world will pass away!
Unfortunately I can make you understand with difficulty that it is not your business to know the times. I already made some remarks about the why for this brother of yours. Now I put the emphasis on the same: EVERY MOMENT IS THE LAST! Looking ahead, and it is important to act in this way, there is only last step.
Only looking back there is one step before last and so on. Your dying started with your birth. You have done everything to forget this. I have done everything to remind you of this. The one who says that he is sure to live, or the world is sure to exist until '94 is either an arrogant fool or is in possession of a prophecy in this regard. That which is surely from Me is that every minute is the last and only. That is, there is no going back in time. Your brother must continue to know that that which is vain, be it a planet or a school test, are all means for realising that which is eternal: the development and maintenance of relationships based on love.
Everything that is ephemeral is an opportunity, a gift for producing even more and varied opportunities for the building and maintenance of the eternal values and love-based relationships.
Your brother is often My joy and consolation. If only he better realised that I am the source of all of his joys and consolations!"


Jesus - Vol. 1/39.

My Lord! One of my brothers is waiting for Your answer. Or I shall say he is waiting for Your message. (gender of the subject is not known, transl.)

VOICE: "My Friend! I keep My word. What I already relayed to your brother I shall now clarify.
I relay messages to My ones in many ways. Sometimes by way of inspiration like in your case, sometimes by way of pictures like in his case. The visions he sees in dream or while awake all carry messages from Me to him.
As I do not give either the inspirations or the pictures as ready bricks but as materials to be further processed therefore you must devote time and energy to extracting My thoughts from this raw material and on applying them in your lives. In this regard I do to you as I do with the flowers. I give them rain and soil but it is the task of the flower to incorporate into itself these in such a suitable way as to further its own growth and unfolding.
All the pictures received by your brother from Me are fertile materials for his spiritual development. He must know that I want to cooperate with him and for him, not instead of him. If he does not understand something he should turn to Me, ask Me to come to his help. But to help him and not to work instead of him. This, if he thinks it over, is an honour for him!
It is a problem if I have to do something instead of someone. I do not go into this but I only say that I have to do a lot of things instead of hell, that is the condemned, for the sake of My ones. It makes Me happy if I can be a partner, co-worker, a helper of someone.
Your brother should recall the pictures he saw. If he analyses them together with Me, this will enrich him and he can become such a brother of Mine who will be a blessing for others.
He should not be bothered by the fact that I let him walk in a forest of problems. He does not walk alone. Let it be the joy of both of us. He should share his sorrow with Me and I shall share with him My joy. He should share his weakness with Me and I shall share My strength with him. Our love is common and reciprocal, that is effective."


Jesus - Vol. 1/40.

My Jesus! One of my brothers is expecting an answer from You about Mary. He does not want to see visions. Despite this fact he once saw Mary being sad.

VOICE: "The pictures I provide to your brother can be said to be authentic and to be originating from Me exactly because he does not aggressively want to have visions. He wants just the opposite.
My Child! Mary does feel happy about your wish. She is happy because you have cast out a piece of childish curiosity from your life. Mary is not happy when she is asked to satisfy some childish curiosities.
Mary has never been angry with you. There were times when she looked at you with sadness. This was when she saw that you showed bigger attraction, interest towards unimportant things than you should have. These are not only external but also internal things. For example, if you consider it more important what God thinks about you than what you think about God. This latter is the essential in your case.
When looking at you the sadness of Mary is caused by those who could have provided you with a less cloudy spiritual development but they did not. They did not do it, but thought they knew it better what God thought of you and that you had to believe what they said. So Mary grieves not because of you but for you. This is again a source of joy and encouragement for you."


Jesus - Vol. 1/41.

My Lord! I would like to know Your opinion about a man who has helped me a lot and who, after getting divorced from his wedded wife, chose such a partner besides whom he has been suffering a lot but from whom he cannot depart.

VOICE: "My Friend! This man is a real child deep in his soul. I said back then that you shall be as the children. This request of Mine has gained large ground in him. But he should know that the child-like mental state should not carry irresponsibility in itself. I state emphatically that he did not suffer as much from his wedded wife than he has from his present partner. That one he was able to send away more easily, with her he could part ways more unambiguously despite the fact that she is mother to many of his children and he had promised Me under oath that he would not let her alone under any circumstances.
I cannot help him because he does not ask Me for advice. If he asked Me then he would know what he is to do. He turns to Me many times and in lengthy way not for advice, though, but to try to find a way for his will to triumph. In vain does anyone turn to Me with this aim. I would not love him if I wanted what he wants.
It part of the essence of My love that I want My will for My creatures as well. Simply because everything else is harmful for them.
How could I help someone in that which is harmful for him?! How could I work against Myself?! This is what you do to yourselves and then you blame Me for your being unhappy.
Poor, miserable children of Mine! You do not let Me help and after that you scorn Me because your lives do not develop as you planned.
I know you always want to be like Me, the God. I also want you to be like that, but not THAT. As I am perfect on My level so you should be perfect on your level. Such CREATOR GOD like Me cannot be more. It would contradict My perfection if there were two from Me.
Your friend does not investigate who I am and what I want. He does not search for these answers but would like Me to interfere in his life only to that extent which not I but he deems good and appropriate. He should not want to be God. There cannot be two from Me.


Jesus - Vol. 1/42.

My Lord! One of my brothers is disturbed by that much talk that we can hear nowadays in connection with the nearing end of the world. What do you have to say about it now?

VOICE: "I shall reply to your question and I leave it to you what you pass on to the inquirer. You are not an automaton as nor were those who wrote the Bible. Thus you are also burdened with responsibility. It is important for you to know.
1. As I said two-thousand years ago so I say now: you do not know neither the day nor the hour. True, I also said, and that scoldingly, that since they had not payed attention to the signs of the times thus they recognised Me with greater difficulty, what is more, not at all.
The signs of the times are those which cannot be left unrecognised. Starting from the ozone-hole, the contamination of water, air and food, destructive experiences overloading your nerves in the field of the economy, politics and public safety. Yes, these are facts presaging the catastrophe. But do not say exact time. The knowing of the time would not foster the growth of love with none of you. People would use it for selfish aims only.
It is a trap that it would result in a transformation of thinking. Just think of the following: Your brother immediately calculated this way: 'If the world ends until '98 then it is not worth preparing for the school-leaving exam.' This is what it results in: individual, selfish calculation if the person does not have the kind of thinking having been transformed according to My will.
If someone thinks like I prefer then the knowledge of the exact time start his train of thought in this way: 'I have 5 more years, don't I? I shall take every moment of mine seriously. I shall radiate in an increasing fashion my love towards everyone. Of course, this is exactly I would have to do if I had only an hour or 50 years. But then my knowing the time is unnecessary as in either ways my task is the sanctification of the present.'
Indeed, the knowledge of the time brings no benefit, but damage at most, because it wants to make the present meaningless. Yet this is the ONLY thing that has meaning, value.
2. Your brother asks what happens to his family, parents when the end comes. Here is My reply:
You shall know: I do everything for you, but nothing instead of you. What happens to whom has to be asked from the person in question.
I left no doubt about what the conditions of eternal happiness are and what the conditions of unhappiness are. There is no acting like a pendulum.
Everyone shall come to realise the certainty of his salvation internally. Real intention is the decisive factor. I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.
If you want the TRUTH and the LIFE, that is ME without taking on the WAY then you cannot be serious about your intention. You know that you lie to yourself. TRUTH and LIFE are exactly the results of the WAY. Wherever one would like to go, if he does not want the journey there then he cannot be seriously willing to reach the destination.
Now, during the time of the Lent you are in effect asked to consider: what price did I have to pay to redeem the ticket for you for the JOURNEY, for the WAY! Indeed, he who does not want to take on the no-harming, forgiving, helping JOURNEY I cannot take on also. Everyone who does not acknowledge Me before the people I, too, cannot acknowledge before God and the angels of Heaven.
If your brother asks his parents what I mean to them he will receive an exact answer to his question above. What you must ask from others you should not ask from Me. I would cheat you if I did your task instead of you.
One more thing I would like to tell your brother. He should chose his friends more wisely in the future. I would like to build on him. What happens if he does not builds on Me?!
No-one can build on Me by chance, only consciously. He should read about Me carefully. A conversation shall develop between us. It will not depend on Me. His faith can only strengthen, clear up by practicing it. My ones are characterised unquestionably by a state of building. Much more than being extraordinary. I send a word to your brother's girlfriend, he knows who I am talking about: no-one and nothing can ever tear her apart from Me! At the moment this is all I have to say for her. I shall address her later."


Jesus - Vol. 1/43.

My Jesus! It is Peter-Paul's Day today. They lived on this earth two-thousand years ago, but since they could meet You their lives did not remain that of the ordinary people. When we meet You that shall necessarily mean something that makes the world nicer and better.

VOICE: "I provide everyone opportunity to encounter Me. When someone steps over from this life to that world for which he was created, which can be denied though but not cancelled by him, then the first thing is always that he meets Me. This word 'first' does not mean temporality but such qualitative experience that is unavoidable for him right after death. Yet how many would like to avoid it, but it is not possible.
As the programme appears on the switched-on TV set, so I am unavoidable for those whose last moment of their life on earth has turned Me on.
When I say that many would like to by-pass this encounter, I say it because everyone who gets here naturally brings his own mental contents. This is why they would not like to encounter Me. This means, that people generally know themselves but do not know Me. Once a soul has got to know Me here, it cannot but compare its knowledge of self to the experience of having encountered Me, and indeed this generally results in a very bad conscience. I cannot emphasize enough the word 'very' here. (Since there are no genders after death I use the neutral 'one' or 'it' instead of the 'he', 'she' pronouns where appropriate. The transl.)
The encounter of the self-knowledge with Me is painful not because of the self-knowledge, but because one has failed to get to know Me in the way one could have known Me. That is, it is the FAILURE that causes the big pain. This induces the soul to eventually give up on Me or to express something like 'it is willing to take on anything in order to make up for the omission so far'. In this regard the decision or the choice depends on the soul's degree of hope. Yes, because the possibility of FAITH disappears though - as what someone sees cannot believe anymore -, but hope is a desire to possess, taking on something that is still far away but the soul does not want to give up on it. Unfortunately, here those who used to be quick in their earthly lives in condemning others judge themselves as there is no-one left around them to condemn. These are the type of people with a Judas-fate.
Indeed, condemnation is a result of free choice. This decision takes place here and not on earth. On the earth this state of mind is best equalled by depression. But a depressed soul is not necessarily a condemned soul. The person in such a mental state is often not the one who wants that depression for him(self). There can be many factors causing such a state.
When someone encounters Me here then one's desperation has only ONE reason. This is the fact that it is unbelievable for one what one SEES. That is one values more one's own self-knowledge than My merciful love. One wants to be just. As the soul cannot be merciful with others anymore, so it gives up the last thread of mercy which it could still grab regarding itself. Such a soul does not want to help itself. I only nod onto its decision which it delivered over itself. I cannot do anything else. I was also unable to help those for whom not My mercy was the important but something else.
I was not transformed by My life on earth. I took it on so as to let you know how you are to transform. By My birth onto earth I did not empty a certain content of life, only changed life-forms. Naturally, My ascension to Heaven meant only a change of forms (transformation) for Me. It will not mean anything else for you either! This is why it is so important for you at the moment to work out your contents of life that during the - in this regard inevitable - transformation you will have no problem. Making up for the lag will nevertheless be a problem for you, but this is already not a qualitative, only a quantitative problem. Here then no one shall be afraid of running out of time. Help is also at hand abundantly."


Jesus - Vol. 1/44.

My Jesus! I thank You that You are not discriminating, and no-one can say that he has become backward because of You, because of Your negligence.

VOICE: "Without a doubt everyone carries a tailor-made responsibility. Here the emphasis is on responsibility. Your free choices are indeed free. In the daily life Tomist and Molinist views are meaningless. We are both in fact free. I can wait, and you, as you have been created for eternity, will sooner or later inevitably find out what is good for you.
I often have a feeling for you as many parents have towards their child. I would like to save you from a lot of suffering but most of the times it is you who do not want it that way. Generally, in the field of moral life you have to choose between Me and suffering.
Unfortunately you think it the other way around than Me. You think that you choose suffering if you choose Me. True, you have to suffer with Me also, but on the earth suffering can only be delayed by stupor, by narcotics, but it cannot be eliminated. This is why it is better to take on Me with the accompanying suffering, because this means much less pain than the consequences of any other choice. And your joys no-one can ever take away from you if that joy is identical with what permeates My heart. I came to the earth to ease your pain and to make your joy complete. I am not tight-fisted!"


Jesus - Vol. 1/45.

My Lord! One of my brothers has serious housing problems, this is why he turns to You!

VOICE: "My Child! I am happy about your question. These words of yours: 'How it will be solved...' already testify to your child-like trust, that knows firmly that the problem will be solved. You would like to know the HOW.
My Child! Do you know what the essential differences between the sons of this world and My children are? Yes. There are many differences. But for you the following is the most important: what is happening right now in your earthly country affects everyone. Both My children and My enemies. The difference lies in the REACTION.
The uneasiness of the sons of this world resorts to the use of various narcotics. MY ONES, you too, My child, although you have been flirting with the idea of using the narcotics, but you do not choose them as the way out. Do not do that!
Your destiny is in My hands until you have the strength and courage to trust in Me. Until you want to take over the control. It will be not you but others who solve your problem. You will be better off this way. My angels are not idle. They are working on what you will be rightly full of gratitude for Me.
You must gather strength in order to be able to stand it with patience. You can gather strength if you almost suggest to yourself this: JESUS LOVES ME VERY MUCH. MUCH MORE THAN I WOULD THINK AND IN PARTICULAR MUCH MORE THAN I COULD EXPECT. Yes, this is the TRUTH that sets you free. (Jn 8:32)
My Child! You know that I had nowhere to rest My head when I was walking on earth. This has soaked Me deep with empathy for everyone who has housing problems. I know very well that this statement is not enough: your Home is in heaven. No, because that is a completely different world and you are now to testify in this world to the fact that God is worth trusting, that you cannot get disappointed in God.
I indeed love you very much and it is particularly My love's omnipotence that you have to rely upon. As long as you have to carry out a task, so far, naturally, you will get everything that is necessary for fullfilling your task. But do not forget: your primary task is to take over My peace from Me. So here, again, the solution is towards the within not outwards.
It is also natural that you are flurried about your future. But here again I warn you: this should not be the type of cold sweat the competitor feels on the race track but like that of the spectators, the rooters in the arena.
You can be sure that I am invincible. What is more, WINNER! You must be happy that you are standing on the WINNER'S that is My side. I love you very much. This is why I can refine your endurance into charisma if I see it fit.
Ask for the help of your guardian angel more often. In carrying out its assignment it is tied to your request. It can effectively help only if it gets an order from you to that effect. This is very important for you to know! It could have done much more for you so far if you had given it the permission. Have more trust in it! You cannot find a good friend on earth similar to it. Use this active relationship with this celestial friend of yours better. It is waiting for this!
My Child! I am offering My peace to you. With the sentence I told you above: JESUS LOVES ME VERY MUCH, you can take over My peace. This statement will become crystal clear for you: 'Tomorrow will take care of itself' (Mat 6:34)
My Child! I love you very much. I do not say farewell to you as I stay with you."


Jesus - Vol. 1/46.

My Jesus! I come to you as to the lost property office. One of my brothers has lost his watch and asked me to turn to You.

VOICE: "My Friend! You come to Me as you want. And I receive you as I want. Where My freedom ends begins yours. Where your freedom ends, there begins Mine opposite to you. If only your brother understood this.
He has got too accustomed to the fact that others align their freedom with him. He also aligns his freedom with others. But freedom does not cease to exist because it has aligned with others. It has remained freedom still; only it has been suspended for a while. This time of suspension can be stopped any time and the one with whom the freedom has been aligned cannot complain.
Unfortunately, you are such that if someone has freely and regularly aligned with you then you take it as an offense if then once does not do so. But this person has never had to align as he has done it merely out of free choice. This person has deemed it right to do that.
Your brother has lost his watch. How much problem it causes him! However, the question of many times he has lost Me or if he has found Me at all bother him less than one thousandth as much. His watch does bother him, because what will his mother say who as she said would not be able to live without him. That is, she thinks that your brother lives for her. It does not cause any trouble for her what I, who live for her, mean to her and what the whole Heaven says to My being neglected.
What the host of angels say about your brother's life would be what is really important for him. The rest is just vanity and all is vanity.
My Child! Saint Anthony has assumed the role of becoming the finder of lost objects. To tell the truth this role of his has not been of much spiritual benefit in those lives who turned to him. The role itself has been narrowed down. Today Saint Anthony helps primarily in those cases where he does not have to correct negligence but decrease the effects of the evil spirit.
Remember: You also lost a full package. Your money and ID cards were taken out the rest you got back. You have received a serious teaching about certain cases when you must not be superficial.
Not only you, not only your brother but every person attends such a school here on earth where they can learn that everyone is becoming ever more mature by taking on certain consequences.
Your brother can turn with this problem to his guardian angel or Saint Anthony and they will decide what the most advantageous for your brother is at this moment. I can only say that his peace of heart, joy and future development do not tick in his watch but in his own heart. This heart shall beat the same rhythm with My heart. I keep on teaching him this sometimes by bringing on him momentary pain and disappointment, sometimes by letting him experience these longer than that and sometimes by filling him with emotionally warm, tender feelings.
What is unavoidable also for him is that he has to face series of tests day by day. I only keep record of his successfully passed exams. The less successful ones or the failed ones he has to resit. This is what life on earth is for for your brother and for everyone.
You see, I gladly hear even a seemingly childish question because I want to use everything for teaching you to live a happy life. Yes. Happy life must be learnt. It does not grow by itself."


Jesus - Vol. 1/47.

My Lord! One of my brothers asked me about in what way he should change. Then I gave him a very condensed answer by saying that in every way. You have been hurrying me since then to write your answer decently. Talk to me then!

VOICE: "I have been urging you for long to write to him what I answer to his question. You have greatly simplified what I have to say to him when you said: he has to reform everything in himself if he wants to develop.
This is true. But that is not true that I would not understand him and I would not know that he is not interested in knowing what everybody knows, i.e. he who develops changes in everything, but in knowing where and on what he should concentrate, where he should start that work which is very important for him to know if he is to progress in the right direction. Therefore I talk to him directly:
My Child! I will right away give you a negative and a positive advice.
You should not start with the prayers. No, because the prayer, the contact with Me does not substitute for but sanctifies what you need the most. My first, and this is My positive advice: try to enter into the role and situation of those you get into contact with. This is very important.
Before My public service this was almost My most important work. You must strive to get to know others from inside from external signs. Then you shall find answer to the question why the other is like as he is. After this, - of course you can do it all along this process - ask for My help with petitions, in prayers.
The heart cannot overtake the thinking in such a way that it starts to go head on it. Although intuition often means more and can advance further than the conveyor belt of logical thinking, but it cannot go against thinking. Most of the entangled problems in your lives are caused by unconsidered relationships. In Me LOGOS itself appeared on earth, that is INTELLIGIBLE WORD. This WORD must put a spell on you. (In Hungarian 'Word' is 'Ige' and to put a spell on somebody is 'igézni' that is they have the same word root. The Lord used a word pun here in Hungarian. The transl.) I cannot be anything else in you but LOGOS; sensible word; thought or idea. Ideas are very important! Everything consists of them. Your ideas are the building blocks of your soul. These blocks are constructed into a temple inside you by your prayers.
I LIVE IN YOU. There is quite big stress both on LIVE and IN YOU separately. Now I do not consider it necessary to talk about how I live in others. Now this is important for you: I live IN YOU. Say it for yourself a few times daily: JESUS LIVES IN ME.
But you should put emphasis, at least as big emphasis on the other expression: I LIVE! My life is no cold spotlight on the white wall of a dissection chamber. My life is warm, loving attention in you always wanting to explain and explain away everything. Your accuser can be anyone. But Me, never! I am your judge, but I do it always constructively. This is why you must experience that I LIVE in you. This secures not only your present peace but provides solid ground for your future progress as well.
I love you very much. This is very good for Me. That will do you good also if you too can say exactly the same towards Me. And you can say it, because it is true. Yes, it is true. You love Me more than you are aware of it. This is why it will make you happy, if you tell Me many times, and you also believe this: MY JESUS, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. These words of your heart will help you so that what you have considered in your relationships with your intelligence - I do not mean only your patients now - will generate the warmth of life and strength. Strength that puts you on My side. That is on the side of that winner who could utter with holy certainty: Trust Me, I have overcome the world."


Jesus - Vol. 1/48.

My Lord! One of my sisters who cannot do without you is in a state of serious anguish over what will happen to her. She is worried because where she lives it is hopeless for her to be a mother of a family. And where she may have hope for that she does not feel at home. What shall she do? Where and how shall she live on?
My Lord! She expects personally addressed advice from You! My Lord! Please, give my sister an answer to her anguish.

VOICE: "My Friend! This sister of yours is also My sister. If only I could let her feel this better!"
My Jesus! Why cannot You? You are omnipotent within the sphere of love!
VOICE: "This is true. But only partly. Within the sphere of love you are also omnipotent! If you understand this, then you understand also what the chief obstacle is for Me to be able to make this sister of Mine feel what I feel for her in My heart. I can only say to her that she should listen to My signals. Now I address the following directly to her:
My Little Sister! Ready-made guidance, which is unambiguous and clear-cut I cannot give you. Only babies can live without responsibility. You can be sure that My responsibility is immense towards you. You did not only escape from home, although partly it is true, but you were motivated by your love for Me as well. I am motivated only and exclusively by My love for you. You have changed a lot over the past year. A lot but not enough. Those who surround you at the moment love you enough so that they can become independent of you if they realise that it is in your best interest. This means that you should not suspect any manipulation on their side.
The one who has a past like you is such a person for whom others also feel responsibility. You cannot make decisions about your life alone anymore. Of course, you can but you can easily bleed to death as a consequence. Think about those roads which have become the results of your independent decisions. Indeed, all have proved to be dead ends.
Do believe it that it is not a disadvantage for you and not some kind of underage status if your life decisions necessarily go through the supervision of your siblings who love Me. Your suggestions have the same fate-forming power towards your siblings as their suggestions should have towards you. Do understand it once and for all! You cannot make decisions about yourself with sufficient responsibilityanymore.
Since stopped going to work you have had more time to deal with yourself. This is not good. It would be better if you wanted that others, your siblings deal with you. And you with them. If you do not turn around yourself so much others will turn around you. And if the desire for a mate and family in you amplifies I will not be an obstacle to its fulfillment. Even among hermits there were cases when the hermit was visited by the person who later became his or her mate.
You have to know something though. You must understand that prayers are psychic labour (or 'soul-labour', the transl.). Thinking is spiritual labour. Daydreaming, however, is only to a small extent a leisure activity. Only little it is relaxing. Partly it is escaping. While I go after My ones, I do not run after, nor run from, no-one. I usually catch up on only those who are waiting for Me.
My Little Sister! Understand Me. I must treat you as an adult. Therefore, for your 'where?' and 'how to go on?' questions I shall give you signs. Both inside you, if you do not fantasize much, and by your brothers and sisters around you. Only give them opportunity /openness, sincerity/ to deal with you. You should deal with them by all means. More with them than with yourself.
We shall spin together with you and your siblings the thread of your future-to-be."


Jesus - Vol. 1/49.

My Lord! One of my sisters who works a lot also to advance Your cause is now bringing before you her internal unease. Please, talk to her directly!

VOICE: "It is already in itself praiseworthy that you dare to express your uneasiness. That is, you are not in your proper place. I would not like to frighten you but there is more to it than that. Your fundamental feeling is a result partly of your role I gave you, partly of the your inherited nature's restlessness and partly of your inappropriate decisions. You have to know about all of them. Let us take each in turn:
The role I gave you: You know that you are not a lonely island in a closed region of the sea of humans but your earthly life causes the threads of fate of many-many people to vibrate day by day. The role I gave you thus creates such local disharmonies which are instrumental in the reconstruction of the broken harmony of the great whole. This can be frightening in so far as it cannot be stopped by you since it fulfills a role I assigned to it. It is on the other hand encouraging because it is from Me.
The other part of your fundamental feeling can be attributed to your congenital traits. Of course this is in alignment with the previous one. That is, in this way you have the tools available for the accomplishment of your role. Such as e.g. good critical sense, ability to react quickly, tendency to switch off certain cautious moderateness, etc. Without these you would not be able to contribute anything to the furthering of the great whole, i.e. the development of historical dimensions. You will never be able to comprehend while on this earth the importance and necessary nature of this role of yours and your concomitant personal traits.
As a minute on the axis of time, if awakened to consciousness, would only understand itself as a minute and would not comprehend anything from the fact that millennia are built up from it. According to these two parts this is how you stand with your restlessness. So, it is very important but you do not know why. And you will not live to know it on earth. It is important to be that way because it helps you become more modest than you are.
Now, I turn to the third part, that is the mistaken nature of your decisions. Exactly because the role I gave you overwhelms your comprehension therefore you should incorporate others' viewpoints into your decision making. First of all obviously you should pay attention to your husband's perspectives and last and also least to your children's. To your husband's because he carries My blessing in this regard and not to your children's because they are too much you. Regarding not their nature but your will and conceptions.
In fact you cannot even ask Me for clarification for your decisions, because it was Me who sized your role in a way that it will cause you unrest all your life.
Naturally I am the greatest source of peace also for you in the sense that I am with you, I am at home in you, in your heart. But in that world you live in, within the sphere of life you can oversee, your peace is very much tied to your relationship with your husband.
It is not good when someone wants to see further than he is able to. The good is when someone can calculate with the points of views of those away from him.
In this regard a spouse is very far from his or her spouse, because this is the call of BLOOD. Husband and wife are obviously very far from each other in terms of blood. While parent and child are obviously the closest to each other. So, regarding the establishment of the peace of your sphere of living you must take into consideration your spouse the most and the children the least. This does not mean, that one accepts his or her spouse's points of view, but that one shall know them, and with this knowledge one must start establishing his or her peace while regarding the children's points of view insignificant.
Now you should not ponder over the mistaken decisions of the past but should make your decisions of the present by better taking into account your husband's points of view. Everyone is better off this way in the long run. You should know what your husband would require from you were he in the position. What would he require from you about your relationships with others if he could do so. In this way you will be able to make decisions that will inevitably build the peace of your future. But you cannot eliminate your fundamental uneasiness by your searching. Do not even want to because I need your uneasiness."


Jesus - Vol. 1/50.

A teenager is asking. He is curious about his school mark related to a dream.

VOICE: "My Child! Three important thoughts in advance: 1. I answer all of your questions with pleasure. 2. I want to teach and educate you. 3. You will hear predictions from Me only as much as is necessary for you to develop in the right direction.
If in a room the furniture are in a mess then the solution is not to move them around at random but that, first, you think over and decide where their places shall be. You should do in the same way now. First of all, you should see that the way others judge you is not important for you, but that you should do everything you are able to.
If your conscience does not accuse you then even that does not matter if a teacher fails you. But if your conscience accuses you, because you know you have not done everything for the good result, then you will be unhappy even if you get a high mark for your sloppy work, although it is possible that the undeserved mark narcotises you for a while. Woe to you if you do not expect your peace of heart and soul from My judgment, but you make it dependent upon people's opinion, judgment!
My Child! Dreams always transmit information, but generally cannot be translated word for word. Although there are such dreams as well. Your dream, that you get a bad mark that makes you worried, cannot be taken literally. Your dream rather warns you that the judgment of people still means you more than it should, since it can suppress the voice of your conscience through which I talk to you. You must grow out of it.
You must go towards having your conscience as the decisive factor, this is alone that should matter. You are in a very advantageous situation in this regard. You must strive for independence in all respects. That is, you must elaborate your convictions, so that in this way you become ever more free of the human bondages. But I have to direct your attention to something. You cannot imagine how many people there are who, while preaching about freedom, do all possible things to stay slaves. There are hardly any people who are not bonded, who would not wriggle in spasms of vanity. Obviously you also should do everything to make your inner world independent of the outer world of people's opinion. As much as you can,of course.
My wish is that you be able to advance at the least possible price of disappointments towards achieving the real inner freedom, that is, towards the state when there is nothing more important for you than My word, the voice of your conscience.
There are situations when indeed I am, the God, helpless. My freedom always ends where yours starts. One thing is for sure: you must get into sync with My freedom if you want to be so happy that disappointments cannot affect you anymore. That is, we shall vibrate to the same tune. I adapt to you as long as I see fit. You should also adapt to Me as long as you see fit.
If you do not see as fit the same as I see, you cannot but accept that I cannot follow you on your path anymore. I love you much more than to be able to delude you!"


Jesus - Vol. 1/51.

My Lord! One of my sisters asks You about remedying marriages.

VOICE: "My Dear, Dear Child! You have formulated your question so lovably. This is not so much a question than a request.
Of course, requests have an important role in our relationship. I can only express the fact that I listen to you and pay attention to you if I fulfill your requests or I let you know in an evident way why they cannot be fulfilled. In this regard you have to see something very clearly. Namely: I am only able to fulfill such requests which others, making use of their freedom, cannot impede. Because one side of the coin is this: you are free. The other side is: you can limit the realisation of My decisions.
Consider this: if it depended only on Me who shall do what, then you would not be humans but automata or some subhuman beings. Then you would not need each other. Then real love-relations would not be possible in the world. So, everything depends on the both of us. In fact, on nothing more.
My Child! No-one can be transformed but everyone can transform himself if he wants to. Only in that sense can someone be transformed externally that he can be destroyed mentally. Especially if he does not belong to Me. That is a contradiction that anyone can transform against his will. Contradiction, because what you want happens always. Here I mean the realm of morals because that is where everyone's happiness or unhappiness gets determined. Therefore one always, I repeat, always and without exception does good if he intends to do good and does bad who wants to do bad. It is easy to find out what is good for someone. It is good for everyone if one loves.
My Child! I bless all such relationships that promote the manifestation of such serving love that has identified itself with Me. I give My blessing to everything that calms your heart and does not narcotize it. The real peace of heart is always grounded mentally as well. Narcosis is always against reason. If you cannot see well, then you have brothers in the community. They will help you see. You cannot accept, even temporarily, that you do not attend the community should your siblings disapprove of it. The one who wants to forbid this wants to stop Me in your life. If he is of good intentions than he must be made to understand it. If he is well-meaning he will understand it. Everything that is against a real Jesusian community is also against God. I hope this is clear for you as well. Apart from you, those who read this, might not understand why I must explain this as if I was spoon-feeding you that could be understood without this as well. But you know why I must act in this way.
Your husband will surely not feel like converting if you leave those who would like to provide Me for you. There is only one relationship, that is always blessed until you spoil it. This is our own relationship. Do not forget: By creating you human, God created you onto Himself. They will never go broke in whom I live. Temporary problems may be generated in everyone, but only that person subjects himself to decaying who severs relations with Me. Only I am irreplaceable. A person can be missed by somebody but no-one is essential. It is solely Me who is. For you also I am alone irreplaceable. Two-thousand years ago I said: "Without Me you can do nothing." This also should be understood in relation to your happiness. A positive statement of this is just as true. YOU ARE CAPABLE OF ANYTHING WITH ME, as far as your happiness is concerned.
You also have this problem of not really believing that your happiness depends only on our relationship. But this is true even if you do not believe it. This even I cannot change. The root cause of this is that I created you onto nothing less than Myself. You should have a broader view and see farther. It is a ridiculous attempt to try to find the meaning of your life on this side of death. Here you have only a short-term role. But the meaning of your life is Me. Do not daydream, do not fantasize! Do what here and now that love commands you to do which calms your heart by sensible reasoning. The rest is not your business."


Jesus - Vol. 1/52.

I received a letter. While reading it the VOICE already began speaking in me: "It is not you but Me who is going to answer this letter." Here it is:

VOICE: "My Child! I immediately start with the core of the matter. What is primarily important for you now is not what I think about you, but what you think about Me. Yes. What do you think about Me, the Creator of the world, the launcher, bookkeeper of the lives of humans, about the God who serves them according to His own plan.
You are experiencing the bankrupt state of things that surround you, and you are beginning to see with ever greater horror how meaningless and aimless everything is around you. It seems to you that you have sacrificed everything for nothing. You have been taken in, and you have also taken in yourself. Well, My dear child, indeed this cannot be endured, you cannot reconcile yourself to this. Here, connected to you, a strange problem is generated for Me.
Generally, every gift of Mine is regarded as valuable. This is obvious. It is also obvious that if someone can SEE, that person can do so because that person received that gift from Me.
My problem here is that you do not appreciate this gift but you would not want to give it up for any reason.
Now you can see, and you can see correctly! The fact that you cannot see good things is not because of your eyesight. Bad stays bad even if we see it well. As for Me your eyesight is correct. You see it correctly that you have gone bankrupt. You see it correctly that there is no solution in this regard. This is why I said right at the beginning that the important thing in your case is the way you think of Me since your eyesight is good. If you were dealing with this, then I suppose exactly because of your good sight you would quickly see how immensely different it is to see that I created you for happiness, that is for Myself, or to see that you are unhappy because you live as if you were created for your husband and children.
You, who have in fact received eyes for seeing from Me, first of all give thanks for your good sight. Then the second step is - and also your interest - to look with good eyes at those things onto which I created you, that is at Me, and not to lament because you are seeing with your good eyes things which are bad.
Your eyes are good exactly because you cannot see it not-bad that which is bad. Even I, the God, am not able to see it good that which is bad. If God is not capable of this, then this may also not be degrading for a creature to accept it. Actually you can grumble about it but it is of no use at all. Seeing as I can see, that is rather an honour.
If one sees that the world is awful he shall turn away his sight from it. This everyone can do. Everyone can change his way of thinking. You can always turn away from evil. If you do not want to, then watch it. Sooner or later you will get tired of it and realise how stupid you were.
People cannot be changed. Even I cannot do it. They can change but that is different. What shall I say then that builds, exhorts and consoles? I say Myself. Yes, because, as you can see the world destroys, embitters and drives to despair.
Do not wish that I spoil your sight as it would not solve anything. Bad would stay bad and then, even if you wanted, you would not be able to see Me well.
Now you do not see Me only if you do not want to, if you like taking delight in the ugly.
This type of masochism is not so much a psychic phenomenon as many think. It belongs to the field of morality. Thus, you are free to stay in it and you are free to get out of it. As I have said the way out is the dealing with Me, the contemplating Me, the listening to Me, the searching for Me, that is the living relationship with Me. Symptomatic treatments do not solve anything in this regard.
So, not your circumstances but you shall change; and not by narcotics and drugs but by way of dealing with Me. It is as simple as that.
But as a process preceded this present situation thus change will not be instant either. However, it will take much less time than you would think.
I love you very much. Much more than anyone anytime could have loved you. Therefore you can escape much faster from the trouble with Me as you managed to get into it without Me, what is more, against Me. Here the image does not hold that it is easier to jump down from a high place than to jump back. No, because I Myself (...?) and I shall take those much higher who align with Me than the place they fell down from. In this sense I am also God of circumstances. If you loved Me, that is dealt with Me, that is lived for Me a fraction as much as I do with you and for you then you would not have any problems.
Now you know and have learnt the Way which is also a WAY OUT for you from your present situation. No-one can get into hardships beyond his strength. Now you already know: MY STRENGTH IS ALSO YOUR STREGTH!"


Jesus - Vol. 1/53.

My previous brother addresses yet another question to You

VOICE: "I have nothing to say to the first part of your question. It is not your problem but your son's. It is not good at all if you are carrying his problem. You do harm to yourself and to him also.
My reply to your other problem is this: My Child! I know no divorce. I have no capabilities in this regard to intervene. I will always give strength to those willing good. I am an inexhaustible source in this field. You cannot get disappointed in Me.
Those, who admire not Me but a self-created idol will sooner or later get disappointed in their god. But never in Me!
Not the divorce but your peace of heart should be your problem. You can live in happy peace with Me before, during and after getting divorced, but you may experience just the opposite. It depends solely on you and not on Me. Think about and get strength from the statement: 'What is this compared to eternity!?'
Please, do not be afraid! To the extent the power of your faith allows for it. The judicial process undoubtedly involves a great deal of psychic stress, but should not be afraid of it. Think of the fact that everything is to the benefit of the lovers of God.
You think you love your family very much. The way you execute your love leaves a lot to be desired. It is not the case with Me. I love you much more, incomparably more than you love your family and My performing it is also perfect. It does not depend on Me that you do not realise this.
I briefly sum up what you should do: Think and repeat it to yourself many times: 'What is it compared to eternity!?' 'Everything is to the benefit of the lovers of God!'
I am with you in love."


Jesus - Vol. 1/54.

My Lord! A teenage brother of mine brings before You her inferiority complex.

VOICE: "My Dear Child! I understand your problem very much. The desire of your heart is to experience, right here on earth, as much as possible from that heaven for which I created you. Since you know well that I love you very much and you are very important to Me, you do not understand why you are not as important for others. Especially for those of your age.
There are several reasons for this. One of them is that I am also not important for them, despite the fact that they live from My love, too. The other one is that, in fact I am not as important for you as I could be. And this is not My fault! Your opinion is that I should live for you and not you for Me.
Spend more time on trying to avoid mixing up the roles. You are in the image of God, but I am God. I am, who wants to live for you directly and through the people also. I am capable of this to the extent you live for Me directly (by prayers of gratitude) and through the people (in service) also.
So, when you see your girl friends are more successful, I only say to this: WAIT TILL THE END! Believe Me, I treat everyone equally. From those I gave more in any respect I also demand more. The bill has to be settled by everyone. By your parents just as by the newly born baby. Believe it, I created you onto Myself, because I could not have done a greater good with you.
I love no-one the way I love you. Should I love someone else that way, than there would be two copies from you. Believe Me, you are living from My love! This is My part in our relationship. Your part is to live for Me. Or I rather put it this way: Live to Me. When you are asked to do do something at home, do it to Me, because of Me. Offer your work, study, having fun to Me. Show Me that I am not neutral for you.
My Spirit works in you. Do not neglect the prayer in tongues, the value of which you cannot yet grasp at the moment. My Spirit would like to build you from within. What you are lacking now, that there is little interest towards you, I say to this that the interest toward you will be too much of a burden for you if you let and want the further guidance of My Spirit.
If you do not pull yourself out of My influence, then your charismatic traits will bear many and lasting fruits for My glory and for the benefit of your happy peace of soul."


Jesus - Vol. 1/55.

My Jesus! A mother is bringing before You her grief over the untimely death of her child.

VOICE: "My Child! Your ignorance absolves you from many things. I do not want to tell you things which would try to make you understand how serious the consequences of such a person's actions are who cannot be held responsible for them due to ignorance, although, these actions in themselves work against Me. I have to say that much, though, that there have been such events in your life. If you deal with Me more, you will realise them yourself. But I ask you already at this point not to have a bad conscience about any actions you did against Me out of ignorance.
What I am asking from you is this: Do try to forgive Me. Yes. Internal peace will fill your heart as soon as you have forgiven Me. This is a problem also because it is hard to believe for you but the idea of 'Jesus hurt me with my child's death' is living in you as anger.
I will help. Your child wanted to die. Everyone dies only if they want to. Not until they want will they die. Death is not bad. It does not belong to a moral category. Were it bad I would not allow it. I do not allow bad things. Bad is sinful. I do not allow sin. You allow it. I do not. I allow for the possibility of sin so that you can love. Sin is bad because it is against Me and you do not know how much against you also.
Sin is lovelessness. Death, that is the cessation of earthly life's misery is not bad. It is not against Me. You hold it to be bad exclusively because of your ignorance.
A child holds it bad if his toy was taken away so as to make him deal with some other things the importance of which are yet incomprehensible for him. In your hands everything you have got to like becomes a toy: a child, a spouse as well as a sibling.
Life is no toy. I am life! This is what death tries to awaken you to.
Life on earth is a WAY that requires a moral approach. I mean with this that it is not unimportant what you have been using your life for up to now and what you will be using it for from now on.
You do not need consolation. At least here and now this is not what you need. Consoling words sound false where the soul needs a solution. You need teaching. Therefore studying.
First of all, learn to forgive Me. All those who say that, should they be lords over life and death, that is, if they could take My place only for an hour, they would indeed better govern the fate of the world and of the people. All these people in fact condemn Me.
Could I resurrect the one who is dead? Certainly. I have the ability for that. The reason why I do not do it is not because I am not capable of it. I do not do it because I love those more than you who have already been able to leave the earth. I do not do it because after 2,000 years you should have learnt why I came among you. You have not. This is a problem.
I repeat it: I know it is not your fault. At least, not to a major extent. Unfortunately, the non-transformation of your thinking has painful consequences even it is not your fault. It is also very, very painful for Me, that only by way of allowing for serious sufferings can I somewhat awaken you.
But the state of being un-awakened is disproportionately the greater bad than the painful reality that leads you to the truth. And bigger reality than the fact of each of you being born for death is not needed. And there is simply no greater truth than I AM LIFE."


Jesus - Vol. 1/56.

My Lord! One of my brothers is turning to you with a question that is a serious problem for many others also. Her question is about where the limits of her fields of activity are.

VOICE: "My Dear Child! I am glad you use your inner ears. I will be glad to answer your questions at other times as well. This is not a burden for Me and for you it is an act of grace. My brief answer is the following. The establishment of harmony is My task.
The only place I cannot create harmony is where someone wants to do that instead of Me. Often enough it is more difficult for some to let Me function than to satisfy My requests. It is not simply about giving permission to operate. I need not be and cannot be administered. Various congregations fail in their rituals often because they want just that.
In your case the problem is that you want to operate also where it is My task. Since you are obviously not able to perform My work where I should have done that, then you are searching for the error in yourself asking where you did it wrong, why you were impulsive, thoughtless again, etc. Then you make a decision, that you will do it differently in the future. But not even in the future will My work be yours, so you will not be more successful in it. Then, you grumble why I do not help you.
Allow Me, please, that I cannot play second fiddle. I cannot be an assistant where I know Myself to be in the leading role. Yes. I can only be the lead character there.
What is the situation then? Do not deal with what to assign to Me but with what I assigned to you. I have to tell you, there are times when I assign you a lot and when a little.
At the beginning I said I was glad because you were using your inner ears. When you use them I am indeed happy and I am happy INSIDE YOU! You have experienced this many times.
The quality of your relationship with your family members often obstructs the surfacing of your relationship with Me. This is like the waving of the sea that does not let that calmness and peaceful rest surface over which it is storming. However, the calmness of the depth is disproportionately greater and stronger than the turbulence of the surface. This is how you feel about Me at those times. This is natural. You do not have to bother about that. Only those travelling on the surface bother about the waves and storms of the sea.
This is interesting for you and if you try it you will experience that it is much easier than you thought. There are times when you should not take yourself seriously.
These are at times when you want to do My work instead of Me. (E.g. the shaping of another grown up person.) I cannot make you abandon this habit by other means than waiting for you to grow out of it, get bored, that is, tired of it so that you realise that what you think to be so important is not at all that much.
To be happy and have internal peace only one thing is important really. I will now state it in the negative. I leave the positive formulation for you.
The only important thing is not to hinder the surfacing of others' peace with your own restlessness. Using the sea-image, do not be the WIND that creates the wave on the surface. Just stay MY child and I shall stay your Jesus even when I am sleeping in that boat that sometimes is being so horribly tossed around on the waves of the surface. The more essential part of My Being never sleeps.
Non-hindrance is stepping out of a problem. It is not a solution of it but a stepping out of it. This is too difficult until it shows itself too important. If your intellect argues against it then see it unimportant with your faith. In effect, nothing can be more important than your inner peace. I always provide this. Take it if not with intellect than with faith. After the calming down of certain emotional waves your mind will receive the necessary light.
You light-treat others. It is good that you do it. I light-treat you. You also have to believe this. Believe in the power of My Spirit's light that keeps outpouring through you mediating peace and health. Believe it that it works in you and also for you!
To your question of whether to go to that course or not My reply consists of three parts:
1. The healing Spirit of My love is at your disposal. Obviously, the attitude of the person you light-treat is also important.
2. As the development of the mind is necessary, therefore you, who light-treats, and he, who receives it, shall be ready to incorporate as much knowledge as you can in this regard. It is readiness that matters here. If it is there, then whether by way of training course or without it, you and they will get richer and the LIGHT can flow more effectively in this way.
3. You will find My consent only through your husband's consent. If he is against it, do not go! You will not be less effective. Should you go without his consent, you will not be more effective.
My Child! I bless you!"


Jesus - Vol. 1/57.

My Lord! One of my brothers is bringing before You two problems. One of them is her allergy, the other is that she would like to know what that optimal behaviour is that You too expect of her towards her mother.

VOICE: "I start with the second one. Regarding the parent and child relationship that STONE-TABLET-INSCRIBED warning shall remain in effect until the end of times that the child shall respect his or her parents.
In this case it means that your sister shall listen to her heart. The way she shall act she can always read from her heart. There cannot be given such prescription for this as a medicament against a certain illness. In the case of human relationships norms can only be prescribed as protocols, but these are merely formalities, the surface that cannot be recommended where the warmth of love shall emanate.
The parent-child relationship is always a matter of the heart. From both sides. The one who can cry together with the crying other one will find the way how to be a source of joy when necessary.
Compassion cannot be learnt externally, therefore cannot be taught as well. However, that is certainly true, that I am the final and complete solution for every problem.
Sadly enough, you do not take this statement of Mine seriously enough: 'Come to Me, all of you who are weary and loaded down with burdens, and I will give you rest.'
True, it has a precondition. And it still sounds the same today: 'Learn from Me'.
Now I turn to the second problem, the allergy. I am not going to compose a thorough study nor do I want to touch the surface only.
All living organisms have a defence mechanism."
My Lord, excuse me, but I am tired and I cannot listen to what You want to say. Please, let us continue later.
My Lord! I have rested for an hour. I am listening to You.
VOICE: "I shall continue, then.
You are being attacked from outside and from inside. More precisely: you are subjected to harmful physical and mental effects. Your mind notices only a small portion of these effects, that is why it is important to defend yourselves even unconsciously against such attacks. When the attack comes from the outside, that is, against your body, some effective cures can be found for that. But when it comes from within, that is from the side of the soul, then even symptomatic treatment can hardly be found.
In the present case also, your sister should start from within if she wants to get better. In this regard it is a serious question: does she really want to? This is not a rhetoric question. In the background of the mental illnesses lurks the fact that the affected person deep inside does not wholeheartedly set off towards healing. He is not at all certain about this being the best option for him. Because, while on the surface the illness hinders him in his work, his psychic needs are better served if he does not work. Indeed, it is often not that easy to understand and to make someone understand this.
When you first turned to Me with this request in your thoughts, then I said subject her to questioning. This is what I suggest now. I cannot cure that person who shall cure him- or herself. I cannot operate instead of you. My love forbids it. Only those can develop spiritually who insist on it.
While your sister's father was still alive she had someone to blame when realising she had not been developing internally as much as she would have preferred. Now she has no-one to blame for this. This is the root cause of her allergy. She has to be interrogated so that she can see her tasks for herself and that she does not want to escape into illness when others need her health. And these others are exactly with whom she is living together! If she starts to feel better how much I love her, then it will be such a source of strength that will enable her for that internal tidying up she really needs.
Your sister received such eyes from Me, with which she can see things others generally do not even notice. This seeing is undoubtedly a burden also. Nevertheless, it is not the seeing she has to forgo. Exactly this seeing ability she should sharpen and its result will be her healing.
She shall see that she is not ill. Or I put it this way: She shall realise that it is not her who is ill. She shall see that that ONE inside her is bigger, stronger and more powerful than the one outside her. Her relationships should become more transparent. It is her own interest. The desire for the better is not enough. The present shall be lived WELL. Only that person lives well who every day sets off with Me on that adventure you call life on earth. The serving of two lords is simply impossible. It is not forbidden it is impossible.
I cannot be a private matter in anybody's life. Mental healing only I and no-one else can give. Narcotics do not cure mental problems. One starts to get cured from his mental problems exactly when he seeks to get rid of them and instead of happiness-chasing displacement activities he firmly decides on Me.
Talk with your sister. Tell her that she is also My sister. Try to make her understand that I love her very much and from Me these are not empty words. I love no-one else the way I love her. This is why there is only ONE from her in the world. Let her understand, that My love is an understanding love even if it is not consenting to everything. Make her understand that I live for her!
I trust that the inner joy she receives from Me will blow away her allergy. I will do everything for this. I would not be God should I not strive for this. But as she has not progressed alone so far, I also cannot succeed alone. Only our joint cooperation can bring the desired result."


Jesus - Vol. 1/58.

My Lord! I am here on the railway station at Csorna. It is 7th July, 1993. I have to hold a retreat for a mature small community. I beg You to tell me something on monastic life!

VOICE: "My friend! If somebody is a monk or a nun, and he or she can be the best and most perfect one at that, he or she at a certain point closes down the possibility for Me to use, to direct him or her. Yes, they do it by way of their vows. Those making a vow to Me will only do it properly if they make the vow against the evil and not for the sake of good.
Why? Because evil things can never be pursued according to My will, but you can always find better than that which is good. E.g. marriage is much better than virginity in most cases. And obedience is not a concept of Mine at all. People commit most of their wicked acts on this basis, thinking that in this way they can escape from taking responsibility for them.
It would much better suit My intention if somebody made a vow not to make any vows to men. In this regard I say what I said in connection with swearing an oath.
I repeat: making a vow can only be justified against bad. E.g. If someone makes a vow never to smoke again. This bears My blessing.
The monastic institutions get hollowed exactly by way of their vows and thus lose the vitality of My Spirit. Obviously because where the Spirit is, there is freedom. (2Cor 3:17)
It is not true that a vow makes you free even when it is not against evil but for the good. Look at the church and monastic officials. They do not make a vow that they are going to live in poverty so as not to get rich since richness is indeed not good.
The monastic vow can be easily circumvented. What is more, living well under a monastic vow of poverty is a state-of-being-like blasphemy.
The vow of virginity also does not take everyone to the state by which they become the caretakers of many families. Imagine, what if the vow of chastity were worded like this: 'I vow to bring up at least 15 children, but rather more. And if at least 15 children cannot say that I brought them up, then I shall be thrown to the place of damnation!' Just imagine, those cardinals and popes clinging to celibacy, if they tied themselves by such a vow...! Totally different is the status of those associations the membership to which is tied to certain conditions. To conditions which are not vows.
In such associations, if they are formed by their love for Me, My Spirit can work very well. But the conditions must not be prohibitive conditions."


Jesus - Vol. 1/59.

My Lord! You came to bring sword and not peace. How shall we understand this?

VOICE: "My Friend! Under this word 'peace' you often understand something completely different than Me. That peace you are longing for is indeed with Me. But this peace is not known among your circles.
My peace can be obtained by fight and can be kept by fight. But nothing and nobody dies in this fight except for those egoist desires which either try to achieve the defeat of others or the convenience of their own laziness.
Here, we are talking about fighting against such desires which, instead of directing their owners towards Me, make their owners justify the existence of these selfish desires by some ideologies.
I have already mentioned to you on one occasion, that the possession of My peace means being on such a winner side where the arms are never at rest, where all the weapons are always at work. I expressed it in the following way then: Be alert and watch out!
Thus, these words are those weapons that cannot be condemned to rusting in the lives of those who want to achieve My peace and secure it for themselves.
It has nothing to do with external fighting. It is about the fact, that the desire of that selfishness in you is that BEING, which is you yourself.
I will describe with an image that effort that must be permanent if you want to be standing on the winner side.
If you want to push a rubber ball under the water, then you have to make an effort. And if you want to keep it there than you have to make this effort permanent. Your selfish desires are that rubber ball."

My Lord! As far as I know suppressed desires partly make people sick, partly, in disguise, they come again to the surface in a different form.

VOICE: "You know it well. If you had waited for a while, I would have continued the description of My image. Thus I shall continue now. The ball pressed under the water becomes a life buoy if its owner does not become preoccupied with the ball but, by utilising the ball's upward pushing energy, sets off towards solid shores.
They who just potter away with trying to overcome the resistance of the ball will sooner or later get tired of it, get sick of it and die of it. That person, however, who channels the energies of the upward pushing selfish desires for the rescue of his sinking fellow men is a winner exactly by way of continuously fighting against the justification of his own selfishness, fighting by the motivation from the selfless good cause.
There is no strong or weak will. The will is such an ability to carry out things that receives its strength from the desires. The direction and strength of the desires are, then, determined by motivations.
So, going back to the previous image. You should not be angry with that sickly ball that, in accordance with its nature, does not wish to stay under the water. Nevertheless, you cannot afford to let it push you under the water either, but should be happy about its offered energy that is just waiting for your decision to determine the direction of its unfolding and thus liberate its power.
You are not alone in this fight. The entire spiritual world supports you and stands by you; naturally those whose will is identical with Mine.
We support you and help you to the extent love requires from us. That LOVE, who you are, before which your freedom is HOLY!"


Jesus - Vol. 1/60.

My Lord! The whole country is talking about the school-scandal in Dabas-Sári (small town in Pest county, transl.) . What is your opinion about it?

VOICE: "I reply only because you brought up the matter. Otherwise, I would not say a word about it. Listen, then, to what I say:
The entire system of religious education is spoiled in your country. What you do and the way you do it cannot be good. It simply cannot be done well this way.
And the fact that you would like to maintain a school where even the teaching of the alphabet you want to place under the authority of your church is such a desire that is witness to the fact in front of the world that you do not really know what to do with Me.
I love very much and I pity very much that child of Mine who has to learn from such a miserable lesson the reason of My crucifixion. And the content of this lesson is that the Kingdom of God and its truth is not in your possession yet, therefore it still has to be sought for. All those things you need are linked to your taking on of this search.
What does this mean in this case? It means that the school can be the object of much quarrelling, can be the source of hatred and can be the place of spiritual numbness. While the search for the Kingdom of God in this very case again is the way of self-denial.
Everyone knows about Me that I was teaching in temple, in houses of prayers, on roads, squares, on the bank of rivers and shores of lakes, but never in schools. I can only be taught efficiently at houses, families, in connection with discussions of friends and on the gatherings of such groups where My Spirit is allowed to predominate without restrictions.
A school even in the best possible case creates such an appearance in an external observer that dealing with Me can be one activity among many but in terms of priority I am lagging behind the others.
I can be turned into a subject but it does not pay off spiritually. This statement is not in contradiction with the fact that everyone exists in the world in order to get to know Me.
If the content of the religious lessons were how to connect the topics of the other subjects with Me, then it would make sense to have religious studies at school. But the teachers of the other subjects would object to such religious education. They would oppose it because such a school cannot be called ideologically neutral.
In fact, there is no such thing as an ideologically neutral school as there are no such teachers also.
And the fault I find with Catholic schools is that those institutions do not permit teachers to teach Me, only the Catholic teachings about Me. These two things in no way mean the same. From the perspective of the past two-thousand years it is rather obvious. Of course, this can be said about other congregations, but their temporal perspective is yet shorter than 2000 years.
If you, being a Catholic priest, cannot fully agree with the statements above - this is what I can read from your soul - then I can only pity you."


Jesus - Vol. 1/61.

My Lord! In a nearby town there lives a brother of mine who, in Your name, is gathering around himself such well-intentioned people, who would like to establish direct contact with the spiritual world in order to get a 'daily schedule' for the managing of their lives. A bigger group gets together on Mondays and he deals with a smaller, more focused one on Fridays.

VOICE: "You were right not to state the name of the town here. Your brother and his groups already greatly expose themselves to such forces which would like to cause harm, not to help.
Of course, they cannot. You cannot get together in My name in good faith in such a way that I would be condemned to idleness there.
It is, however, true that while they cannot do harm , sadly enough, they can make the psychical and spiritual development more difficult for those not cautious enough.
Therefore, it is unwise to make a big hype around these gatherings because that would do against the necessary precaution. That is why it was wise not to mention the town's name nor the name of your friend-brother.
As you know My Spirit can be saddened. So, It can be made happy too. These gatherings cause Me much joy. This can be judged from the fact, that they cause much joy to others as well, in whom precisely during such occasions have the feelings of love, mercy and forgiving been awakened towards those who does not deserve them by any means.
The meetings of the inner group are very important. It is during these that the energies carrying My blessing for the wider gatherings ripen. Beware no to fall for the temptation of quantity.
Obviously, I cannot prescribe you specific tasks as no-one can be prescribed how much he must grow a day. Your lives are so much interwoven with the life of the spiritual world that your development, just as your growth, is partly the product of forces independent of you. You can be sure that no-one ever got disappointed in Me.
Nothing shall be more important for you than inner peace, ever. Do not be afraid of starting to believe in something you may have to correct later. In the end, your happiness will be decided not by what you think but by your having or not having remained loyal to Me.
You can best show your loyalty to Me by persisting in your fervour to want to know Me ever better. There is no such thing as finalised knowledge. There are no unchangeable dogmas in the sense that the development of the human intellect should come to a halt. Do not be afraid of the NEW!
In My first public address to My audience I called for the transformation of their thinking. Naturally, this can only be done by way of doing serious thinking. (Mk 1:15) Do not be afraid of going your own way. Your head is My head.
This is true as long as you want to love, as long as you believe that there is better than the present good, as long as you accept being hurt by others instead of you hurting others and you accept being insulted instead of you insulting others. You have to walk on the path of development regarding knowledge as well.
I love you all. I cannot express with words how much. But it is necessary that you get to feel as much as possible from this love. This is what I am working on.
I do not say good bye either to you, your friend or to the ones he gets together with. I do not say good bye because I want to stay with you."


Jesus - Vol. 1/62.

My Lord! One of my brothers is asking through me about your opinion on the healing prayer.

VOICE: "What he is asking is not exactly this. It is not, because he himself knows that there are only healing prayers.
Your brother is asking Me about how much that healing practice he would like to pursue is to My liking.
My answer is: VERY MUCH. Yes. There is an almost overheated interest in your brother towards Me, and this is very good! This is in line with his nature. This is what he has been prepared for during his life so far.
He should ask from Me the Spirit of Sobriety. This shall give him not brakes but STRENGTH. Only by strength can you resist any currents. The discovered good can propel the spectator into such a current with which his or her internal development cannot keep up. That is why you need the Spirit of Sobriety.
That which lives is not an organised machine but an organism. This means that only the harmony of the internal principles is able to produce a harmonious manifestation in the living organism. That is what the Spirit of Sobriety can ensure.
Your brother is endowed with that ability with which he can sense that natural path I have imagined for him. This path can ensure the activation of the reciprocal, complementary roles of the existing energies that are capable of healing an ailing organism.
No doubt, permanent healing is possible only by Me and with Me. Symptomatic treatments may provide more sense of achievement in the short-run than the curing of the root cause can, but one must not yield to this temptation which, although a good promotional hype for the moment, later leads to failures and inner disunity.
This is what I propose to your brother: he should ask for My blessing on his work several times and pray for those wishing to be healed according to his advice and instructions. I am now addressing him directly:
My Child! I need your prayers of request so that I can bear witness to you. So that I can validate My words also in your life: 'Ask and you will be given.' (Lk 11:9)
I bless you and send you out to practice active love."


Jesus - Vol. 1/63.

My Lord! One of my brothers would like to know from You what he should do as a social worker. Is there a solution at all which he could help with?

VOICE: "There is no solution but helping is necessary. Life on earth as a whole is such that it consists of unsolvable pieces. You express this in the following way: 'work can only be stopped but never finished.'
'Still, things got to be sorted out' you keep saying. That is true. I draw your attention to four elements in practice:
1. In the morning you should discuss with Me your daily tasks. Not what I want to do but that how you carry out those tasks you are required to do for your salary by your employers. This you have to discuss with Me!
2. Each individual on earth taking on a job (an employment, an assignment, a contract, etc. transl.) has a superior. So do you. This superior has a field of responsibility which is his or hers, not yours. Within this field it is impossible to issue an order of bad content. I did not say this is forbidden, I said it is impossible. As soon as somebody gives orders with bad content to his or her subordinates he or she has stepped over the borders of his or her responsibility, therefore his or her order is invalid.
3. It is the task and duty of everyone taking on work that he or she executes with maximum conscientiousness the 'how' part of the particular assignment. This is obviously your task and duty, too.
4. In practice it is not always as simple as that, since the boss often considers 'how' elements to belong to the 'what' or substantive elements, and since the subordinate often considers the substantive elements among the 'how' ones, thus leading to many and unpleasant conflicts. These conflicts can often be made bearable only by way of the subordinate's compromise with his or her conscience to submit to the boss' power interests. If he or she does not do this then only with Me can he or she persevere with clear conscience.
This is how it becomes possible on the workplace for My ones to experience the state of being underrated the other name of which is 'having a common lot with Me'. To this everyone is exposed, especially those taking on employment for a salary or a wage. This is how it is going to be until the end of times.
My Child! I have rolled out My answer to your question backwards. Solution I have not given. Or have I? I bless you with the SPIRIT OF WISDOM. This blessing of Mine will be realised in you to the extent you awaken a desire for the reception of My WISDOM in yourself."


Jesus - Vol. 1/64.

My Lord! I lovingly ask you to tell us your opinion on necromancy!

VOICE: "My Friend! I know about the article that cautions its readers against those types of necromancies it calls spiritual infections.
This question must not be narrowed down so much.
Indeed, there are types of necromancies I would not recommend to anyone. The spirits having revolted and still rebelling against Me do everything they can, to the extent it is possible for them, to cause harm to you. This can be done by making you deny even their existence or by noticeably encroaching on people who provide opportunity for that.
However, necromancy should not be restricted to such spirits. No, because the spirits loving Me would also like to help you and that would not be fair if I gave opportunity to the bad spirits to contact you but I would exclude the good ones.
When you open up towards the spiritual world then your intention determines whether you have done it to your advantage or disadvantage.
In My Catholic Church, during all holy masses, before the transmutation, you invoke the best members of the spiritual world. Likewise, whenever you turn to the saints or angels you are performing necromancy and in this church of Mine this would not be labelled as a threat that leads to spiritual infection. Although, your dirty intentions often make such encounters dangerous. I refer here to the rampant superstitions in this field.
Your intentions are absolutely good if you want to understand and experience, by the help of your spirit brothers, the 'how's of the practical implementations of love and the necessary strength for them.
Group gatherings are especially suitable for this. On these occasions everyone's openness is greater and control is more readily available.
Mistaken are those children of Mine who think the time of private-manifestations, of private inspired channellings is over. This will never be the case. I am communicating Myself both indirectly and through the spiritual beings of My creation. The reality of this you also can experience whenever you turn to Me with a question. And then I or a spirit I assign for the task speaks to you. I treat everyone equally. If only you better believed that there is a wonderfully rich spiritual world at your disposal!
I have to sadly conclude that by way of your ceremonies, which are usually also methods of spirit invocation, you have downgraded the fact that the spiritual world is always at your disposal. This is true in that form as I said above about My Catholic Church. But there are unfortunately churches which have gone farther in this respect and consider it evil if someone wants to make contact with the spiritual world.
It is not the spirits you should be afraid of. Be cautious about yourselves instead, because your intentions are the decisive factors over the consequences of those spirits' work on the direction of your future life which spirits are willing to influence you."


Jesus - Vol. 1/65.

My Lord! One of my young brothers is bringing before you two of his dreams. What do you have to say about these dreams?

VOICE: "My Child! The first dream of yours has a meaning which is not easy to grasp for you. I hope the more times you will read these lines the more you will be able to understand from them.
You are beginning to be permeated by such inner, emotional waves which you would like anything but share with the world.
The lack of the curtain is in fact indicating your desire for the curtain. That is, you would like to be able to provide such a security for your inner world that cannot be disturbed by others.
The monkeys represent that idea in you that is trying to destroy your inner drives towards developing individuality.
This dream is a direct consequence of your age and circumstances, and signals in advance that God's dream about you will be able to develop further without any setbacks, that is, without causing any wounds to you.
It is important to note about the other dream, that, since it was a continuous dream thus carrying teachings for everyone, you can get from it both self-knowledge and knowledge of your destiny. Self-knowledge immediately, destiny not necessarily immediately.
My Child! You shall learn that waiting can lead to a more fruitful life than active haste.
The Sun with its caressing warmth can open up a flower's petals so that the flower and its surrounding make the world more beautiful. Should anyone try to accelerate this unfolding with pincers that would indeed spoil everything.
I would like to the be beam of light in your life. I am able to beautify your and your environment's life by the warmth of My love and caressing care. What is more! Only I am capable of doing that. But only if you strive to be, to remain, patient, to be trusting in Me."


Jesus - Vol. 1/66.

My Lord! Last Sunday my guitarist friends were singing songs about You during the holy mass. A part of the elderly audience did not like it. What is Your opinion about it?

VOICE: "My Friend! I liked very much your brothers' playing and singing. Those who were not looking for themselves became spiritually enriched by glorifying Me. Those who go to church to get richer in Me got closer to Me.
It was not minor sacrifice by those who came there from the countryside in order to meet Me. They did not live it as a sacrifice. They were glad to be there.
Only those did not like it who are not going to like the fact that they have to die. They cannot choose but take on death, or rather endure it, but their encounter with Me will be problematic for them exactly because they do not understand why I do not see things the way they do.
It is also part of the truth that in this attitude not only their consciously closed mental state is to blame but your very way of living up to now. In this particular church of Mine you have not put the emphasis on having to be open-minded but on having to be obedient. You have not stressed that the transformation of thinking is a state-of-being-like task, but that there are rigid, immutable dogmas which solely you, priests and scribes, can faithfully guard while your following has nothing else to do but help you in this.
This they took on. In return, as a reward, you have closed your eyes at almost all kinds of religious distortions you deemed as not threatening your power, your rule.
Do not blame therefore those pious souls who can also make great sacrifices to be able to participate in different pilgrimages but are at a loss seeing the religious manifestations of your young ones. They do not work against Me, rather they work for their their religious convictions which convictions parish priests and high priests share very much alike. Believe Me, these leaders are much more guilty in this regard.
Rather, give thanks that there are some among the elderly who have inner flexibility, who have not given up on thinking for good, and who have not come to terms with the custom that, regarding Me, always others would do the thinking instead of them. True, there are not many such elderly persons, but in your time they are more than they were at the time I lived on earth as a human.
You have to believe that there are very few of those who do not want to develop at all. There are very few who would not for the world give up their own truth.
Those are in majority who have little time left for changing their convictions. These are the well-intentioned ones who do not think My heart's way. These are those pious souls who are going to gladly receive that state of being, no matter how tormenting might that be, that is necessary for their transformation the conclusion of which will inevitably be that I will be able to embrace them as My children who have undertaken the state-of-being-like transformation of their thinking and, what goes together with it, growth in My love."


Jesus - Vol. 1/67.

My Lord! Having arrived here, please, tell us Your opinion on the generation problem almost every society suffers from.

VOICE: "My Friend! The generation problem, though general, is not of necessity. What is of necessity originates from one single source. Its name is LOVE. To love is of necessity. Not to love is not of necessity. To love is of necessity because this is the PRIMORDIAL SOURCE. Its denial is never of necessity although its possibility is also given.
It is evident that those having experienced a lot think differently than those of little experience. But this should not generate tension. The root of the tension resulting from this is often rashness and, sometimes, lovelessness.
Rashness when those unable to come to an agreement blame it on the lack of time or opportunity. This case takes both parties. If lovelessness is the cause of the tension then there is fear in the background on either sides.
Parent and child can come to a consensus about different matters of life provided they give each other time to understand the other even if they do not accept the other's view.
If someone can formulate for himself why the other thinks in the way the other does, then that person, even if he does not approve of it, can understand the other independently of age, education level or anything else. Love is such. It can approve of only that which it considers good for love itself. But it understands if someone sees things differently.
This behaviour must be learned. Generally it cannot be learned from the elderly but from the children. They tend to be the most teachable to be sympathetic towards others."


Jesus - Vol. 1/68.

My Lord! There were two priests visiting me this morning. An elderly and a younger one. I am lovingly asking why I could not reach a consensus with them

VOICE: "My Friend! As you can remember, I had My voice heard in you and asked you to be more moderate. It is a pity that sometimes I talk to you in vain.
But you have not spoiled everything. I managed to influence you not to be expressly loveless and they sensed it not only as a result of the received books but as a consequence of your unbiased words about My teachings.
My Friend! Most well-intentioned priests cannot do anything with their priesthood. I will tell you why I said most and not all. But first I explain you what these priests unable to make use of their priesthood do. These, as the protagonist in many opera plays being stabbed in the heart sing on, also try to gather all possible and impossible arguments to defend the principle of authoritarianism.
Those devoid of arguments tend to qualify only. But not only that. They seek to occupy a position of defence behind some kind of authority (although no-one is attacking them) where they try to convince each other about that which to prove with arguments they cannot because it is impossible. With their weakness they attempt to strengthen one another. Their weakness is their building upon authority.
About this behaviour I have the same to say as I had said about those old-at-heart clinging superstitiously to traditions.
Those who do not want to see and do not want to wake up are able not to see and not to wake up. But neither blindness nor daydreaming can alter those facts proving the failure of those views and behaviour types the carriers of which are hiding behind others and are trying to pass on - seeing the infertility of their own lives - responsibility to their superiors.
There is no such thing as an irresponsible normal human adult life. The 'I did it on orders' statement cannot be an excuse. I have inscribed into everyone's heart that which I had made Moses carve onto the STONE TABLETS.
Only those preferring to go the easier way, only those preferring not to be held accountable, only those thinking that the type of ignorance results in acquittal also which might have been eliminated had the person in question wanted it, only these are the ones who persevere until the utmost in - as you would often say, though not your idea - 'sweetening the nought'. Only those expecting from some external power, as if by command? ('?' in original, transl.) , and not from inside, from My Holy Spirit the turning of people to Me; objective authority is important only for these.
To change this attitude in somebody, however, also cannot be achieved by command. This is a question of openness. This openness cannot be inherited, nor can it be handed over to someone. This is to do with the essence of inner free choice.
What you should decide on and against you are going to hear from Me many times still during this conversation prayer.
Not all priests are such. But I can state with certainty that the priests denouncing the priests of BOKOR (Hungarian grass-root Catholic movement, transl.) without having read KIO ("Keressétek Isten Országát", i.e. "Seek the Kingdom of God" by György Bulányi, Catholic priest, founder of Bokor, transl.) judge over you by referring not to Me but to the ruling lords of My Church, which lords by emphasizing the need for unity want to talk you into speaking not according to your own conscience but theirs, expecting no arguments from you but beliefs in their theories. Well, these priests are not innocent indeed.
But there are priests for whom it is only a question of time to join you. Not because they realise they have nothing to say but because they will realise they are not right. They are not right about the reasons of My having come among you. They will realise that rites cannot be pitted against, nor neglected, in favour of human conduct. Here, under rite I mean a frame of prayer that is indeed a frame of real PRAYER and not only FRAME without prayer. Prayer means anyone lifting his or her soul to Me."


Jesus - Vol. 1/69.

My Lord! I know I can turn to you anytime with any problems. It is only natural to me that all that You say and the way You say it can be said only by LOVE itself.
I did not want to interrupt you but I did not understand this statement of Yours: 'Only love is of necessity'. Please, expand on it a bit more.

VOICE: "My Friend! When I said this word 'LOVE' I meant Myself. In your lives I being LOVE manifest Myself by forcing you to interpret My presence in some way. This is of necessity! Even the most evil deed cannot eliminate the fact of My LOVE's presence.
In the most evil deed LOVE is present perceivably by the very fact that it allows for the evilest of intentions and does not resort to brute force against it. In that person's life against whom any kind of evil intention is directed My love is expressed in the fact that this person can say: 'All are to the advantage of the lovers of God.'
But you did not start asking Me for clarification of terms only. You have switched on the typing machine to ask Me: What is My opinion about those ancestors in close blood relation to your friend? I know it, obviously.
The reason why My straightforward answer to this question is problematic is that I know what it means in a person's life to be biased.
If I tell off a noble family tree, then I say only one half of the truth. If I tell him that there is another such family tree about which he would rather not hear, then he would start searching in a direction that would hinder his spiritual development.
Believe Me, in such matters it is not My word that has to be searched. In this regard you have to follow YOUR OWN HEART's inspiration. Only that can lead anyone to true self knowledge through the identification of your ancestors.
Better said, not by getting to know your forefathers but by that very work such an investigation entails can the treasures to be mined from the past develop in you such impartial perspective which, for your future's sake, you can build upon."


Jesus - Vol. 1/70.

My Jesus! For me it a cause for great concern that I know You talk to me but I cannot make use of this fact in my life to the effect that with this Your CAUSE, the people's conversion to You, is significantly furthered.

VOICE: : "My Friend! You are still in the study years of our relationship. I have brought you into this village to ensure that external framework that is essential for you to perform your role, the mission you received from Me. Those many religious lessons are a problem for you in that regard.
I know better than you the spiritual constitution of this village. Indeed, My biggest opponents are in My Catholic Church. I did not say enemies, I said opponents. I said it so, because these opponents of Mine do not know that precisely they are the ones who obstruct the most that cause of Mine I have brought you here for. You have to reconsider the administering of those sacraments the inhabitants of the village demand from you. Let us start with baptism.
You learnt that the sacrament of baptism is a sacrament that builds My mysterious body. You learnt that those baptised are grafted into Me. So far so good. There is then a ritual in consequence of which a Jesusian life gets started on this Earth. This would be the point.
This understanding has been doomed almost right after its inception.
It is easy to explain why. Because you wanted to both think and rule and that at the same time.
You have always known that My bud-like life can unfold in you only by way of your cooperation. In the beginning you required this cooperation dead seriously before you baptised anyone. What was the result of this? That no-one was willing to get baptised. Simply because they did not want to take on My Jesusian life here on earth. They thought later, 'in the other world!'. It is just obvious that there only such love-life has a justification for existence.
In order to give emphasis to this you had to develop the concept of bequeathed sin (I.e. "original sin", but the Voice emphasises its hereditary nature, transl.), that makes everyone incapable of eternal happiness. With this set in that dismal conceptual change which started to advertise baptism as not being a ritual of grafting into Me but as a cancellation of a sin people had not committed at all.
It was only natural from you to list here the cancellation of those sins you call individual sins. All in all you started to treat baptism as primarily a precondition for the remission of the sins.
Of course the remission of the sins is part of, a concomitant of the sacrament of baptism. What is more, apart from grafting into Me, it can crack the walls of darkness. But what of it if in spite of this there are no candidates longing for the light?
Only they long for the light who want to live Me!, who long for such a personal contact with Me as you do.
I would like to start a conversation with everyone. I do not discriminate. I am the LIGHT for everyone. Those not walking with Me walk in darkness no matter how clever, how beautiful, how strong and what religious institution they are members of. Moreover! Precisely what you call cleverness, beauty and strength, precisely these are rather obstacles than means to an intimate relationship with Me. This should not be so. But I return to the original train of thought.
If you call baptism sacrament, that is an encounter with Me for a special purpose, than you should treat it accordingly. But that is impossible. Impossible, because that special PURPOSE, for the sake of which you should administer baptism as sacrament, would have to mean an incorporation into such a living community, for which the preconditions are just not there for the following reasons:
On the one hand because the human leaders of My Church not only do not want this but they are indeed afraid of it. All ruling elites dread it when their subjects start thinking without the control of the rulers. And it is the essence of a living community that there everyone uses his or her own mind independently for the intellectual and spiritual development of the others. And thinkers are hard to make obedient. This is why those wishing to rule are reluctant to permit such living communities.
On the other hand nor the vast majority of the people desire such living communities where those present are checked morally by the others. Unfortunately intellectual and spiritual slothfulness is amazingly skilful in shrinking from possibly all responsibilities.
Thus, neither the PEOPLE nor its LEADERS make a point of it that baptism, as an encounter with Me, should graft the baptised into such a living community where the members with both their intellects and hearts feed from Me, that is MY SPIRIT.
This is so not only in My Catholic Church, but it is there the most flagrant. What the parents, grandparents, godparents promise in the name of the would-be-baptised is forgotten right after the ceremony when they are coming out of the church. If you do not believe it, try and ask them!
That strait gate and narrow road I described as the road to LIFE is not the result of any rituals and primarily is not the ritual itself. Those, however, who find this road and take it on, naturally, seal this decision with a ritual. This is necessary because of the human-organised system of earthly life.
It seems to you that form without content is still better than having neither content nor form. You demand form even when you reject the concomitant essence, content. It is only certain that this practice does no good to your soul.
In this regard you yourself and all other priests are forced to choose between two vices. If you baptise anyone you reassure those with false conscience and thus hinder their true conversion. If you do not baptise those who according to your conscience must not be baptised than you scandalise the little ones.
Indeed, not everyone is able to escape from such a miserable situation."


Jesus - Vol. 1/71.

My Lord! I cannot wait until I finish that book I am reading to ask your opinion about it. The title of the book is: "COMMUNICATION WITH THE SPIRIT WORLD. Its laws and purpose. Experiences of a Catholic priest". Written by Johannes Greber.

VOICE: "You still have about 80 pages to go till the end of this book. What you have read so far appeared to be quite true and you have tried to fit into your present knowledge the information read. This is very clever.
I will not let this book drive you away from the main point. And the main point is:
1. You have to prioritise in the Holy Script. 2. The first grace of God is Nature, that is our common sense. 3. The source is the Holy Spirit.
As far as you hold on to this you can come to terms with Me, I can talk to you about anything.
You see every facet of reality in a glass, darkly that does not reach your minds directly through your senses. No doubt, development is also necessary in this respect, but development is real only if it sheds an even better light on Me, as the WAY, and not if it distorts things.
The mentioned book as everything that does not come from Me directly contains true and false things alike. This is why it is misleading. This is true even if it attacks with the best of intentions either My divinity or My humanity.
In that cultural setting and state of affairs you are in right now that is the most nourishing spiritually if you accept that GOD constitutes Itself as TRINITY in a state-of-being-like fashion.
As you know, this word 'GOD' is not a proper noun. It is a waste of time trying to find out in what way I am of necessity COMMUNITY. It is all the more fruitful if you just accept this FACT, that is, YOU HAVE BEEN CREATED FOR LOVE, NAMELY FOR UNCREATED LOVE!
The author of the mentioned book did nothing wrong by writing that book. He did not write it to hurt Me, but to cause a hard time to those who had distorted My teachings during the centuries in such a way that with it they had made My Spirit's working almost impossible inside the Catholic Church.
Indeed, the leaders of the Catholic Church should really start thinking about why there is no such profession as a priest. And about the reasons behind the fact that almost exclusively those decide to be priests who are ill, or careerist, or naive.
But it is not worth labouring on it. You, as members of the BOKOR, should not be trying to correct your teachings all the time, should not be striving to SEE always something new but should strive to do always the same that you have read from MY GOSPELS.
But returning to the author of the above book who is already with Me, if you want, you can talk to him."
My Lord! I do not want to talk to him now.


Jesus - Vol. 1/72.

My Lord! An hour has elapsed since my previous statement. I have read on the above book in the meantime. Now I want to speak with the author of the book.

VOICE: "My Brother! I am addressing you with much more humbleness and modesty than when I was writing that book. First of all I must tell you that during those spiritualist gatherings on which I acquired my knowledge, evidently, I did not use a tape recorder, thus the formulation of that knowledge I gathered there leaves much to be desired. KIO ("Seek the Kingdom of God" by György Bulányi) was not yet available for me.
At that time the most blatant evil was papal infallibility and that philistine snobbery that characterised the clergy.
No doubt I received from the spirit world a lot of inspiration that helped me formulate a picture that appeared to be reassuring both for me and my ones.
That is also natural that I was not aware of that triple golden principle through the knowledge and application of which you are able to make yourselves almost independent of the coercive force of any dogmas. (1, Ranking among the books of the Holy Script; 2, Using our common sense freely; 3, the Holy Spirit working in us)
My book contains a lot of arbitrariness yet. Let me state here that this is a mistake all thinkers on earth commit. You also. But with a lower percentage of error than I had done. Indeed, we are all developing beings, and it is precisely the Catholic Church that is able only through great spiritual shocks to somewhat get rid of its millennial debris. Think of Reformation. It was necessary to prevent the ship of the Catholic Church from sinking.
I had to cut out enormous tumours from this Church's body and indeed, during the operation I caused wounds as well. This was in general due to my allowing the spirits influencing me to make corrections here and there in the Holy Scripture instead of ranking the scripts. My other professional mistake was that I was concentrating too much on the background which I considered to be a pure source, and practically neglected the fact, that seeing through the blurred glass requires primarily not a brand-new revelation but more healthy control. Saint Paul himself made this mistake, and not to a minor extent at that, causing substantial damage to Jesus' Church.
I bemoan the fact that I used harsh and loveless words against those who see things differently in that blurred mirror than me.
I was approaching the notion of the TRINITY and Jesus' DIVINITY with great infuriation. Therefore I went to the other extreme. In excuse of myself I can say that these REALITIES were absolutely unfathomable for me, and what I saw in practice was that with THESE quintessential TRUTHS we were not working on the greater freedom of the people but on the opposite. I again apologise for that.
Today I can see from here that my book cannot feed you with such food that could better increase among you the love towards God and each other as the KIO could. Anyway, it was not written to you but to the clerical potentates, then and now, who as result of this book may become less confident about doing the right thing if they hurt you instead of their better incorporating the 'seeing through blurred glass' concept into their theology. LET US PRAY FOR EACH OTHER!
With brotherly love, Johannes Greber"


Jesus - Vol. 1/73.

My conversation with Johannes Greber did not end after I had drawn the dividing line. I have to disclose that soon after the previous conversation started, almost visibly, and very disturbingly, someone was violently throwing his arms about, almost shouting, trying to prevent me from listening to the VOICE.
To tell the truth it was not Greber who wanted to end what he had to say but I wanted to end all this. I wanted to watch the 'Fradi' vs 'Vác' football match. (There was no score)
But this morning, as I woke up, Greber started to speak in me again and had the following to say.

VOICE: "My Brother! Someone really wanted to prevent me from revealing one of the biggest mistakes of my book.
It has both advantages and disadvantages that it is precisely you who I can tell these things to. Its advantage is that you can understand best among the priests living on earth in your country today what I will tell now. Its disadvantage is that you will be accused of partiality by many, hence my talk will lose credibility in the eyes of a few readers. Let me tell you one of the biggest falseness of my book.
Almost nothing corresponds to the truth in my book what I wrote about Jesus' mother, MARY.
Not only her having an extended family is a falsification (had it been the case then obviously Jesus would have trusted His mother not onto John but onto one of His siblings. This would have been dictated by not only His heart but just as much by the Jewish honour and healthy traditions of that period). But that falsification I lament the most where I pictured Mary as being even more helpless, weaker and more half-hearted than the mother of the Maccabees.
Read the Book of Maccabees. You will see what a mother is capable of when her heart is strengthened by her faith in God.
Had I written that Mary's spirit had been incarnated in the mother of the Maccabees to testify to what God's strength meant in a human, then my words would have been much closer to the truth than now.
You can see it for yourself how that agitated figure has just become tangled in itself and has disappeared from your spiritual eyes.
I thank God that at least this I could tell you now. Thank you also for giving me an opportunity for it. Let us pray for each other!"


Jesus - Vol. 1/74.

My Lord! One of my brothers asks if it is of any significance when somebody dreams with his or her late relatives.

VOICE: "Very much so! In the dream the unconscious part gets into almost direct contact with the deceased, thus, if there is a willingness on both sides to meet, then it happens in some way or another.
Such a desire to meet is not particularly fortunate. Not, because it is not aimed at better recognizing the eternal values. Instead, it reveals those ties the undoing of which is very important if someone wants to develop either here or on earth.
If such a dream encounter is not initiated by those living on earth, then obviously the residents here long for help for which they expect the strength from those on earth they are connected to by a love-bond.
You, living on earth are indeed able to help the development of those, who are incapable of it here. The power of the heart-felt prayers of those living on earth is immense.
When someone is praying for his dead, he in fact testifies to love's bondage being stronger than death.
Testifies that it is never late to do something for the other. Testifies that death is not such a great tragedy by far as it wants to have you believe about itself.
Take care of your relations with those already having left the earth. Those induced by love for making the contact are sure to be enriched spiritually."


Jesus - Vol. 1/75.

My Lord! On 23rd October, 1993 a fakir named István Kónya is going to have himself crucified in Kecskemét and wants to stay on the cross at least a minute longer than You were. What is your opinion about it?

VOICE: "My Friend! This decision is a consequence of your lives, not Mine.
Unfortunately, people will not be better after such efforts. How could anyone think that what I could not achieve he will be able to. I also have to add that My death on the cross cannot be separated from My life before that. My death on the cross was the crown of My life. It has grown out of the preceding events!
Therefore, no-one's crucifixion is in any way identical with the one I undertook. They does not even resemble to Mine!
Those who really want to come after Me, who really want to imitate Me, should start not with the crucifixion and should not target it as the final goal. In this regard I cannot be caught up with let alone surpassed.
Your lives are abundant in extroverted stunts. What is lacking is the selfless behaviour that lives for, that wants to serve generously, others.
As soon as this event comes to pass it will direct the attention of the people onto not Me but him who has ventured to do such a thing.
Now I switch from the general principles to this particular event.
This man's venture of having himself crucified will necessarily benefit him. Because he is being led by good will at the bottom of his heart. The heroic undertakings of his life so far have proved that he is not able to stay an ordinary person. This is not a superficial reality. This is his karma. That is, a kind of lawful necessity one takes on before incarnation destined to exert a positive effect on the person's eternal life as well as on his brothers' lives.
In this case this naturally makes only his eternal life more perfect. He is able to exert such an impact on others' lives provided someone from the spectators watches his undertaking with inner eyes as well.
There will be such persons as well. But I have to say that here, just as in other cases, the external framework tries to play down the heart of the matter, that is Me.
You should think about how much you are able to take on the weight of your everyday crosses for Me! That is, those sacrifices that are the natural consequences of the manifestation of MY LOVE in you.
And I am asking this from all those reading these lines. I, Jesus Christ, am asking it!
I would like to wrap a very serious sermon into this man's undertaking. With this I want to shout into the world no less than the following: it is not the frame but the content that matters and this is true on both the small and large scales."


Jesus - Vol. 1/76.

My Jesus! One of my brothers is struggling with grave spiritual problems. Please, help him!
One of the tormenting questions of his problems is the following: why shall we hold on to the Catholic Church?

VOICE: "No-one shall hold on to any kind of churches. One must hold ON TO ME. I can live in those who hold on to Me with My love , which love is able to assume all sacrifices and suffering just to make the earth better, to make the knowledge of self clearer in the well-meaning people; all these being the conditions for anyone wanting to know Me better. There are two elements to this suffering. One: The acknowledgement of the fact that you are not allowed to step over the limits of your freedom entails distress, great spiritual agony. The other, entailing maybe even greater suffering, is when you let others know that their freedom ends where yours starts. In that person's soul who has been warned about this, his will for power will launch an attack against you.
One needs great courage to take on these two suffering elements. I had the courage for this even up to the sweating of blood. My courage is at the disposal of anyone letting Me live in him, allowing Me to love through him. I am not, I cannot be independent of My courage. This means that I do not let anyone from My ones get tangled into difficulties beyond their might. No one has to ever leave My Church. You can love everywhere and love you must. My Child! Do not mix up My Church - in which I am present with heart and hand - with those hurting you. Precisely by way of their attitude they prove that they have nothing to do with Me.
You live in a nationality infected by dense superstitions. In this group many think that their religious sensitivity, which is in fact nothing more than metaphysical sensitivity, is identical with the essence of belonging to Me. It is not.
Among the peoples of Africa and some of Asia you can well observe how much religious feelings are not part of the essence of having contact with Me. If you tried to elaborate on this for them, then they would soon end your life on earth. You get something similar where you live, but in a somewhat more cultured form.
When I was walking on earth as a human the CHOSEN PEOPLE were not identical with those belonging to the CHOSEN PEOPLE. This is the case today. My Church is not hand in glove with the church people.
Naturally, My Church has an external order also. But this is just like a picture's FRAME. It is not the frame that is important, but the picture which is identical with Me and which you could get to know from the Gospels. Do not deal with changing the picture frame. Other frames do not suit Me better than the Catholic one. I cannot do without a frame on earth. Not because of Me, because of you.
Do not accept by any means that as a consequence of the frame the PICTURE in you, the content, that is your personal contact with Me becomes blurred.
Where going to church, as a frame, hinders the deepening of our relationship, there churchgoing has to be decreased by all means. This is the case when in its stead you can spend your time with Me better, more fruitfully in some other way. Otherwise, the whole thing would only be a temptation.
Unfortunately, there are such Catholic churches also in your country where My ones are expressly insulted either by the churchgoers or by those calling themselves pastors. Going to such places is a waste of time as you only expose yourselves to scandalisations.
You must be well aware of the fact that there is not even a single Christian country, not a single Christian city, not a single Christian village on earth. Therefore there is no heaven anywhere on earth.
No-one has ever become a Christian from baptism. Only as a consequence of his or her resolution on My side can anyone become a Christian. It is good if someone seals his resolution with a ritual, but the ritual, the sealing in itself does not carry any value if it seals the nothing, if it seals the pretence.
Even undertaking the transformation of your thinking is not enough. This happens during almost all confessions. It is not enough to start this transformation even. Although it happens at every real conversion. It is decisively important that the one resolving on it should never stop it. It is very important that those who accepted Me as their Lord and redeemer should want to be My disciples in a state-of-being-like manner. In this regard learning is more important than praying.
Prayers are the life-blood, the servants of the knowledge learnt about Me. The heart must never be allowed to influence you at the expense of the mind. From the good deed the wisdom of the mind is missing, that is a bad deed. When I told you: 'learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart' then the emphasis for you was after all on learning from Me.
For him who does not want to learn from Me, his religiousness is indeed opium and these types can be the most loveless of all. But this does not entitle anyone from My ones to be loveless.
My Child! For you it is surely enough if you sometimes go to church. Even the clairvoyant Vicka in Medjugorje said that he went to church when he felt it necessary and he did not add to it: except for Sundays.
Do not forget: I live in your heart! You yourself are My true, living temple, where I do feel at home.
You have to correct all those falsenesses that others have thrown into yours children's soul. By referring to Me, My Church, the confession, holy communion many miseries have been done against Me by those who thought were doing a service to Me.
And if someone values money higher than a 'spiritual bouquet' (some kind of gift traditionally given among Catholics, transl.) then this person cannot be expected to represent Me. In this regard you have to stand for that bouquet taking on all negative consequences it may carry with it.
All religious ceremonies, all external consecrations benefit your soul only if, and to the extent, you turn your inner eyes and ears towards Me.
You must become independent of the weight of other people's opinion. You can do this only in one way. You must open up towards Me. Everything else must be a consequence of this.
Thus you should make inquiries about Me. You should ask from mother-in-law, father-in-law, relative, friend, priest, non-priest what they think of Me, how much they know Me, how they interpret My teaching, what My presence means in their everyday life, etc. This is the meaning of greater opening up towards Me.
My Child! You also have to say it several times: 'What is it compared to eternity?!', 'Jesus loves Me and this is more valuable for me than anything else!'.
Indeed I love you very much and I am with you always."


Jesus - Vol. 1/77.

My Jesus! I am bringing before You a dream again. You have been willing to provide explanations so far. I am again asking You for that.

VOICE: "My Friend! It is natural for Me to answer, to give explanation, as the person whose dream I am going to explain is not anybody to Me. Hear My explanation:
Your brother was playing a board game in his dream. This game was in fact a fight. There, where the question 'Who wins?' arises, the dream-game in fact refers to fight.
A negative feeling permeated your brother. In this case this feeling represented such a self pity which has no grounds for existence in your brother's life.
The lit bathroom and the army in the open air signalled that neither hiding nor public view gives security to that which your brother has to destroy in himself.
My Friend! I expressed My views on this dream partly because I want to impart related teachings to everyone reading these lines.
When I was walking on earth I was emphasising many times and in many ways that he who wants to come after Me shall deny himself, take on his cross and follow Me this way.
The last millennium instituted such self denials into your lives in My name which I have nothing to do with. Your leaders obviously could not deny My words. Thus they denied them not but distorted them instead. With this they did a worse thing than had they denied them. He who walks on the false road gets worse off than someone who did not even start. It is more difficult to correct a spoiled good than create good in the first place.
Your earthly life is such a battlefield where opportunities for self-denial are presented by the daily problems and you have to accomplish them in your different relationships in order to make that mercy in your hearts grafted into it by Me more predominant.
These words of Mine: 'I want mercy and not sacrifice' mean that you must aim at being merciful instead of making sacrifices.
Those people live self-denying lives according to My will who are ready to make all sacrifices for living that very life I presented to you.
Those who ask from themselves the following question several times a day walk on the good road: 'Would Jesus think this, say this, do this now?' They for whom this question can become their blood live in such a state-of-being-like self-denial and accomplish such losing of own life that it was this attitude I made this promise to: 'The one who loses his life will find it.'
Place bigger emphasis on searching your hearts! At least two but rather more times a day. Its content should be that you measure to Me your thoughts, words and deeds that far in the day. But primarily your thoughts! You must understand once and for all that everything consists of THOUGHT. Real discipline does not primarily regulate outward actions. Those officially prescribed self-denials calling for fasting are not in vain, only that they are insufficient and do not generally touch upon the heart of the matter. Although some sort of moral capital can also be gained from them, that is by referring to them one can produce some calming of his conscience but only if someone is very consistent in doing them.
One thing you must understand, however. These officially prescribed fasts, self-denials can never substitute for your necessary self-disciplinings provided by everyday problems. The fasts and the like are meant never instead of, but besides them.
I live in you with My Spirit. If you take this fact seriously you will be able to hear My Spirit's voice when it calls you for self-denial. Much more important is your subjective decision you make in this direction in response to My Spirits voice than the officially prescribed fasting. The ears of those having only "objective" fasts, i.e. official ones, are still very much blocked to the voice of My Spirit.
Where the Lord's Spirit is, there is FREEDOM (2Cor. 3:17) The reality of this freedom gets manifested in you exactly when, upon listening to My Spirit's voice, you take on self-disciplining exercises. These exercises always freshen up in you that spiritual life that wants to learn and wants to teach. The fast required by Me, by My Spirit, is able to give you wings by which you are able to push off from the heavy bonds of the daily problems by weakening your bad self-constraints. In this way it is true, that without asceticism there is no mysticism I approve of, while the asceticism I inspire in the souls always opens them up to mystical experiences."


Jesus - Vol. 1/78.

My Lord! Today the Gospels speak about the two great commandments. In the morning you gave me a strange thought. Please, elaborate it more!

VOICE: "Sadly enough you still hold the second commandment to be a strange idea, even after two-thousand years, which is the pair of the first commandment. This sounded and sounds still in the following way: 'Love your neighbour as yourself.' Strange was My reminding you of My educational example that you often quote during weddings and which you deem to be an organic part of an eastern-style wedding ceremony. Here is the example:
The bride locks herself into a room and the groom knocks on the closed door. The questions comes from inside: 'Who is it?' The groom replies: 'I am here.' The door won't open. The groom knocks again and the same scene repeats. The the groom knocks for the third time, and then, to the question: 'Who is it?', he replies: 'YOU am here!' And then the door opens.
Te strange thing for you was that I told you this: 'The mentioned, oft told wedding example of yours is true not only of the bride-groom relationship but of all other human relations.' Yes, this is what I said, and I am saying this too now. This is what that statement means: you must love your neighbour as yourself.
You must learn much better to 'feel yourselves into' others' feelings. You call this skill 'empathy'. To the extent you succeed in amplifying this in yourself, to that extent you will be able to give up, voluntarily, all kinds of judgement making.
Unfortunately, there is a curious fear in you. This originates from the idea that you do not dare to understand each other because you think that you will then have also to agree with what the other says or does.
Obviously, understanding somebody is quite different from approving of somebody's behaviour. You always have to strive for understanding. Understanding is able to draw the sting of hatred out of your heart. Only understanding can be the basis of any kind of coexistence. Only that person can claim every human being to be his or her neighbour, who is able to understand everyone. He who cannot do this is also not able to treat everyone as his fellow being.
For you it is not important to be understood by others. But it is indeed indispensable for you to be able to understand everyone in every situation if you want to fulfil, here on earth, the second great commandment without which you cannot satisfy the first one.
I go, however, even further. You must learn to be able to understand yourselves. Here too you should not take understanding and approving as identical. At the root only that person is capable of real understanding who can understand his own behaviour unapproved even by himself. Only in this way can one become able to correct the behaviour-triggers and align himself with the direction he also approves of."


Jesus - Vol. 1/79.

My Jesus! It is October 1993. I lovingly ask You to speak about the Virgin Mother! We treat October as her month.

VOICE: My Friend! My mother indeed lived and still lives for Me. For her all My forms of manifestation are very important. She knows that even if in different clothes I am the same.
In this book you have not listed those manifestations of Mine which I already told you about. List them now!" Yes, My Lord! You told me about six forms.
1. HUMAN FORM. This happened by Your incarnation, as You are now on the right of the Father.??? Az eredeti magyar szöveg szerint az Atya jobbján most emberi formában ül Jézus?
2. INSPIRED FORM. This is how You have been present in the Holy Script since the WORD became FLESH.
3. SACRAMENTAL FORM. As taking part in a sacrament means an encounter with Jesus for a special purpose.
4. IN THE FORM OF GRACE. You, My Lord, said that those who love You, You love also, You will go to them with Your Father and make Your home within them.
5. MYSTICAL FORM. In fact, this is the presence of Your Church. You expressed it in this way: "For where two or three have come together in My name, I am there among them."
6. IN THE FORM OF THE NEEDY. You expressed it in this way: "In that you did it onto one of the least important of My brothers, you did it onto Me."


Jesus - Vol. 1/80.

VOICE: "Now, I continue with My thoughts on My Mother.
When I say that she lives for Me, it means that she perfectly identifies herself with My will and aim.
Therefore, the worship of Mary, provided they are not directed against anyone, wants to make Me acceptable by others. Unfortunately, it can be directed against others. Yes. Even My worship can be directed against others.
Processions are usually not against someone but can be contrary to others. It is not Me they are showing around in those processions but people usually bear testimony to Me. At least, this is what should happen.
The Mary-worship also does not want to overshadow Me, but it is because of Me people rejoice in Mary. All sensible people know, My mother knowing the best, the she is who she is only because of Me.
Who wants to discredit My mother hurts Me. Who wants to discredit Me, does not understand Mary.
Doubtless, there are people who do not need the worship of Mary. My mother also does not need it. But those who need it do not do against Me with it.
All worships are good. So is the Mary-worship. What is good should not hurt anyone. If anyone does not feel the necessity of such worship, that is not a problem. It is not a problem as far as he is not angry with others because of it. Is direct relationship with Me the most important? NO! The most important is LOVE.
It is by all means an awkward thing if Mary worship gives someone pretext to be loveless and impolite with someone else.
Do not make a movement out of Mary-worship. Neither of Me. All movements carry a certain kind of exclusionist strain. Exclusion is justified where something BAD has to be contradicted. Mary-worship is not bad, and it is also not bad if someone does not need the worship of Mary as it is in itself morally neutral."


Jesus - Vol. 1/81.

My God! Every week there is a repentance day. I know You do not want our life to be that of lamentation.

VOICE: "My Friend! Repentance-day you should rather call change-of-thinking- or change-of-perspective-day. The content of My earthly life was to call this into your attention.
You use many times the term 'washing of the soul' in connection with repentance. This can convey only to a small extent that content I would like to see done during your repentance days.
Naturally, changing of the perspective tends to develop in the direction of purification but is not identical with it. Much more than that. That is, it does not mean the same only in a more purified form. Here, you have to create something of a DIFFERENCE in yourselves.
Washing does not make the body different, it only removes that which does not belong to, that does not fit it. The accomplishment of real repentance does not only result in that. Of course, that also. It removes from the soul that which does not belong to it. But with the change of thinking a radical push-off is needed in that direction of spiritual development that I called the WAY, and which is basically identical with Me. That is why a repentance day cannot be fruitful without your having dealt with Me the other days through. Here, again, I have to explain something.
What does dealing with Me mean? Of course, the daily prayer belongs to it. Whoever lifts his or her soul to Me prays. That is, who wants to meet Me during the prayer. Without this there is no real prayer. But this is not enough for a change of perspective to be realised.
A change of perspective requires two things. A clear definition of such an inner discontent for the eradication of which the praying person is prepared by a consciously made decision. Once again, for its eradication and not for its sweeping under the carpet.
But it requires something else. The carrying out of this decision is unconditionally possible with Me.
You, sorry to say, but often do not see the trees for the wood. A child posed this question to you: 'What does the blind go into the woods to?' His answer was: 'To a tree!' Continuing the joke I would say: 'Still he remains a blind.'
You have been given a call for keeping a repentance day to make you open up your eyes and start seeing in your soul that direction which requires the changing of your course, and you know that with Me you are able to do that. Yes. You are able to walk on with Me in that WOOD OF LIFE, which is full of trees though, but not in order for you to bump into, but to force you to take on that changing of perspective with Me you that may call spiritual development.
The seed fallen onto the ground can grow into a tree, can bear fruits by Me. You know it well.
It is not a secret what you must do. The inward-looking soul can observe its discontents and will necessarily and radically decide on undertaking of the WAY. It is only natural that I too necessarily make a decision on him or her and give all the help he or she needs. This is My essence.
Let the concomitant of each and every repentance day be such a radical decision that is directed against your discontent. This provides for unity with Me. I Myself cannot cease but I can cease things."


Jesus - Vol. 1/82.

My Lord! Our world has entered the sign of Aquarius. I am listening to You, My Lord!

VOICE: "My Friend! The dimensions of the universe are incomprehensible for you. Human intellect cannot cope with even a light year's distance. Why am I saying these? Because of two reasons:
1. Your tangible and intangible world is almost empty. Those incomprehensible distances that make up the distances between the heavenly bodies from each other bear witness to the fact that your universe is EMPTY. Nothing of this sort can be said of the spiritual world.
2. The universe is indeed inhabited by those spiritual beings, with whom you may make contact though, but your senses are not tuned to this.
This almost matter-deficient but spirit-abound universe is turning, strangely enough, precisely in the sign of the Aquarius onto that spiritual world the thoughts of which have once condensed into matter. What does all this mean?
In the previous period particularly those had to suffer from most of the persecutions who, ahead of their time, were carrying such spiritual-mental energies, for the absorption of which the matter-tied structure of the universe proved to be too closed and rigid. Now, the loosening up of this can be expected.
The premonitory signs of that spiritual-mental unfolding before which the universe is standing could already be felt towards the end of the 1960's. Over this period on different points of the world there were lit such spiritual-mental lights which later gathered into different charismatic groupings. This spiritual-mental awakening is growing into a river exactly by way of the Aquarius and indeed the arising opportunities do bear threat in themselves. And that threat is shorelessness. If a river becomes shoreless it can by all means wash away values with itself.
Count with more opportunities and bigger openness in your society but be prepared for more trust and cooperation for the sake of the perceived greater good. Nothing can be more important ever than the acceptance, understanding and propagation of the LOVE I offer you. You must know that I can make you shine only from inside. The Aquarius helps you to be able to look behind the façade and be able to experience those depths that carry My peace and joy.
The Aquarius thus offers greater opportunity to be able to establish effective and attractive relations with Me and with each other externally. But provides for the opportunity only; instead of you nothing, only for you and because of you. It does not matter when and how one discredited Me inside him- or herself, or in front of others in the past. To become attractive for the well-intentioned people is important.
You have your fields of decisions and the concomitant responsibilities untouched. The Aquarius constellation amplifies the effectiveness of the spiritual world, populating the universe, directed towards you, thus you will be able to see with clearer eyes, CLAIRVOYANT eyes even, what direction you must take. But the real guide must remain My Spirit.
My Spirit can work only where It is allowed to work, that is where freedom is provided for It. There is freedom where, despite internal or external pressures, one is capable of doing the recognised good.
In the Aquarius not only EYES will be at your disposal for seeing but greater FORCE also to be able to do indeed the realised good. But you will not be forced to this. Your advantage over the past in this regard is that you will be less constrained to do the good. In this sense it is true that in the Aquarius not only your sight gets sharper but the power of the external and internal force also decreases that wants to blur Me, thus you can resolve on Me easier.
Give thank to your Heavenly Father to be able to live in this age. Give thank to have been able to make such a decision. Give thank for the role you were allowed to assume, and for which you have been allocated all accessories to be able to fully experience it to your joy, and to the joy of the whole spiritual world."


Jesus - Vol. 1/83.

My Jesus! You ask us to love our enemies. What is more, You ask us to RATHER love our enemies. I do not understand how we can, how we MUST even, love those who are not Yours but, according to Your words are from the devil father (Jn 8:44).

VOICE: "My Friend! The request for the love of the enemy is not aimed at making the enemy vanish but at making it easier to recognize who is unselfish and who is not. Therefore it serves the interests of not only the enemies but everyone's.
How did I say: 'If you love those who love you, what merit will you have?' Precisely the proof of My presence shines out from him in whom there is love for the enemy.
The army is such an institution where those joining it are trained for the defeating, annihilating of the enemy. He who says NO to such a draft call finds himself pitted against those who are his enemies ex officio, as freedom of conscience is not recognised in the army. In fact neither is in the different churches. There is a difference, however.
In the churches the following happens: the clergy do not accept him as member of their church who alluding to his freedom of conscience stubbornly resists their demands. In the army, however, such a conduct entails some form of punishment.
Those who punish are not always evil. Most of the times they are coward, sometimes ignorant. The result is the same. For them he who contradicts them is unbearable.
The alternative service ('civil', outside the army, transl.) is merely a tolerated status on the part of the coward and the evil. It is not on the part of the ignorant. The ignorant think, many evil ones also, of course, that with the help of the appropriate educative work people with a conscience can be done into replacing the principle of love of one's enemy by the hatred, the defeat, the threatening or annihilation of the enemy.
This is usually successful because immediate self-interest is much more vociferously present in a would-be soldier than his more distant self-interest.
On My part only by making the following statement can I influence free decision to some extent: ' Rather love your enemies!' The rest is your responsibility. I provide for everyone the possibility to learn from history once they are unwilling to read My Gospels.
My enemies said: 'He was able to save others. He cannot save himself.' This carries two false statements. I did not save others in the sense I did not save Myself. I save others in the sense I saved Myself to My Father's glory. I expressed saving Myself in the following way: 'Ought not Christ to have suffered these things to enter into his glory?' (Lk 24:26)"


Jesus - Vol. 1/84.

My Lord! Whenever we look at the cross the memory of Your agony keeps recurring to us. But is that enough? Is remembering the fact that You became the victim of a murder two-thousand years ago enough? Of a lawful murder at that!

VOICE: "My Friend! The law I came to fulfil is connected to My life provided its fulfilment brings some benefit.
If a law does not serve people then it does not deserve your taking into account. There is only one law that is certainly and always beneficial. This is the law of love serving humans.
True, many regulations and rules are not capable of making everyone directly and quickly better off but they are intended for the loveless people to make their lives bearable. The law is therefore not the constraint of love but the servant of it. If it is unable to do just that, due to your attitude, then it serves as a frame of bearable coexistence.
The LAW is indeed lawful here on earth. There is no law in Heaven. Here on earth people living in love can take on relatively easily the sacrifice that causes the Jesus-less people to grumble, or even rebel. But those people in whom I can live freely must be able to appreciate all laws deeper than what their surface shows. The CODE OF LAWS is not meant to restrict love but to prevent evil from unfolding. It is important to understand because when I am speaking about fulfilling the law this, for those not belonging to Me, is more related to pedagogy than expressing reality. They are right. Because they do not understand under fulfilling the law other than these words express on the surface. That is, keeping the law.
Only that person can understand the fulfilment of the law according to My words who knows that there exists only one moral law. And that is, you must love each other irrespective of the other's qualities or behaviour. This is the only conduct which possesses the light by way of which all other laws get their own colours I deem as their real. He who loves is although a deliberate person but not obsessed with legalities.
A few words about the laws of My Church:
Ever since it got institutionalised it has been necessary to bond it by laws and regulations to prevent it from falling apart. But it holds true also here: The laws of My Church for the lovers of Me can only be the laws serving love.
For those who are not Mine, as there are many of them in My Church on the earth - just think about that simile of Mine in which I likened My Church to such a net that carries valuable and worthless fish as well in itself - so, for those worthless fish the law is an important point. Do not think about those who care the least about the laws of My Church. I do not deal with dead ones. Those who are led by My Spirit, that is by My Love, however do not have and cannot have problems with the law. They stand above the law. Precisely the deeper understanding of the law makes it possible that for them the surface of the law means nothing at all."

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